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Thursday, October 16, 2008


the dog is still taller than he is, but Wes is catching up
(Wesley has gotten 1" taller in four weeks and gained almost 4 pounds!)

trying to coax Duke out from under the bed

it is so much fun playing with a salad spinner as Mom cleaned out the pantry

wrapped up in his pig bath towel from Liz (SO ADORABLE!)
with the pumpkin from Grandma and Grandpa that weighs more than he does

we were trying to teach him "touchdown" but he would only put his hands behind his head (we're still working on it...)

ranch dressing on his mouth at dinner

playing with the curtain in the doctor's office

I LOVED this winter hat, but Damon thought it was too girly (I might have to go back and get it anyway)
brushing his own teeth!!

We have been home almost five weeks at this point, and we are all doing well. We met with the surgeon yesterday at Cincinnati Children's that will be doing the surgery on Wesley's esophagus. We talked about the various ways the surgery can be done depending on how much esophagus Wes actually has (we will find that out next week). If he has a fair amount, then the surgeon can stretch the ends to meet and connect it there. If he doesn't have much esophagus (the most likely scenario), then Wesley's stomach can be brought up and connected to the bottom of the esophagus he does have. If that won't work, then part of his intestine can be used to form the esophagus. The doctor prefers not to use the intestine, but he can if needed.

We were encouraged after meeting with the doctor. He said that he hopes that by the time Wesley turns three that he will be functioning like a typical three year-old child. I was happy to hear that, as I wasn't sure how long the whole reconstruction process and therapy would take. Surgery will likely be after the first of the year, which gives us a chance to get through the holidays before focusing on surgery.

We have started attempting "mock feedings" with Wesley. Progress is slow, but it is getting better. I had to fight Wes before to brush his teeth, but now he is brushing on his own and not fighting when I brush them. I know that doesn't sound like much, but it is to us!!!
I have to go work on thank you notes. I am sending out the notes, but I want to thank everyone here that has given us a gift! We appreciate your generosity and love all the presents. Wesley is going to be the best-dressed child for the next few years!!!


Tami said...

What a sweet, SWEET little guy! :) He looks so happy. Glad to hear the surgeons are optimistic about his future. What great news that he will be doing so much better in such a little amount of time. ;>)

Mountain Girl said...

He is absolutely adorable! I love his blue eyes! And he looks VERY, VERY happy! Ya'll are doing a great job!

allison dull said...

praise God! he is just beautiful. thank you for your advice and wisdom, it has really meant so much to us.

Michelle said...

He's just so handsome, it's great to see an update - and brushing his own teeth is HUGE, not a small thing, my oldest had a lot of oral sensory issues and I remember how much work it can be to overcome those defenses.

praying for an easy surgery when the time comes :)

DoveFamily said...

He is such a cute little guy! I'm excited to read about the surgeon's news. That sounds very encouraging. The brushing teeth news is great, too. It sounds like really big news to me, and I'm happy for you guys and the progress that is being made :)

Praying that all continues to go well for the three of you,

Chris and Celeste said...

Wesley has chubby cheeks. He is looking so healthy and happy. What a cute little boy. Will pray for the surgeons and the surgery.

Courtney said...

I still LOVE his serious looks. He just looks like he's pondering the world. :)

Joshua said...

I agree with you on the winter hat. He looks adorable! Thanks so much for sharing you experiences with us! (Marcie)

MamaPoRuski said...

Great update, and incredibly cute pictures! Praying for a safe and successful surgery!

Kathy and Matt said...

He is just flourishing! Already grown an inch...WOW!!

Loved all the pictures. He's such a handsome little guy. Great to hear that you've got options regarding the surgery. We'll continue to check in to know how to be praying for your family as you go through the procedures.

Kelly said...

Oh my! Wesley is super handsome! It's a good thing you two moved from Xenia, otherwise the young ladies in this town would have been in serious trouble between your charmer and our little David. ;-)

Bob and I continue to wish you well and are so very happy for you. We'd love to meet your little man and introduce him to our adopted miracle. I have a feeling they would giggle and charm any waitresses they might meet at a restaurant.

Kelly in Ohio

Payne's said...

Great update Staci! He is just so adorable!


Amy said...

What a cutie! It looks like he LOVES dogs!
Good luck with the surgery!


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