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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wright State basketball & Rod's Capricorn Inn

Happy President's Day weekend! We decided to take in a Wright State University basketball game, a little shopping and a fun dinner out. Now today its gross and rainy, and I prefer to  stay home, blog and catch up on DVR'd "What Not to Wear."

Here a recap of yesterday:
Wesley has started *loving* to take pictures. They are all blurry, but I posted one below.

Wesley couldn't take his eyes off the wolf mascot.

I mean he LITERALLY couldn't look away.

the object of his affection

making sure I saw the mascot

kicked back watching the game
(oh no, I mean watching the wolf)

For sitting quietly through the whole game, I chased the wolf down for a picture.

Wesley had the camera...

We went shopping after the basketball game (Damon needed a navy suit for work). After leaving the outlet mall, we went in search for this restaurant...I haven't been here in YEARS. We're talking probably since college. My high school boyfriend took me to this place a few times, and I just remember how amazing the hamburgers were. (I wasn't disappointed this time either)
Let's be honest...if you passed this restaurant, it is not likely you would ever stop. At least I wouldn't!! It looks a bit like a trailer or a small house that someone haphazardly added on.

Of course, I had to take pictures of us outside on the car seat benches 

Now onto the you see how cheap a cheeseburger is? $2.35! Where can you get an amazing cheeseburger for that price? Not too many places...

 Damon's "Rod burger" and onion rings (total $6.50)

my cheeseburger and mushrooms  (total cost $4.50)

Wesley had chicken fingers and french fries, but my picture didn't turn out too well...and you shouldn't get that when you go to Rod's. The total for our three dinners was less than $17.00!!

a stained glass window in the dining room 
(makes me think of the 70s)

I had to have my picture taken with Rod

Damon had his taken too

Rod still sings oldies loudly as he cooks, but he doesn't have a cigarette hanging out of his mouth while he is cooking anymore (thank goodness!). The restaurant was PACKED!

So if you are anywhere near Wilmington, Ohio, stop at Rod's Capricorn Inn. (I would even say its worth a trip there!) You will need to call first because he closes the restaurant whenever he feels like it and bring cash to pay for your dinner. (That's something you can do when your food is that good and that cheap)

Enjoy a Rod burger for us!! I am already ready to go back...

Rod's Capricorn Inn
6660 State Route 730 # 1
Wilmington, OH 45177
(you know a place like this doesn't have a website)

P.S.  I post a lot about eating, don't I?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

we're still here (& some good news)

We survived the ice storm here in Ohio. It wasn't nearly as bad as the forecasters made it sound, but I was unable to get up our hill of a driveway in my car. I parked on the street though and stomped through the yard (I had to stomp to break through the ice on the snow). I was glad the next day though when my car was outside because our power went out, so I didn't have to worry about how I would get my car out of the garage. Here are a few shots of the ice taken the night of the storm:

This picture has nothing to do with the storm, but I  took it the same night.

And here's some good news...we got our I-800A approval in the mail!!!! It took less than four weeks from our fingerprint appointment. Truthfully, closer to three weeks. Our dossier has been sent to our agency, save this last paper. I am going to head on up to Columbus next week and get it apostilled.

Now for some most unpleasant news (at least for me it is)....I fractured a small bone in my ankle, and I have to wear the walking boot for what will seem like an eternity. I was lucky enough to "get the boot" (HA HA) two years ago when I had a stress fracture in the same foot!! I am praying that this time I don't have to wear the boot for eight weeks.

Now for Wesley's 4th birthday!!
I bought this awesome cake pan to make a train cake. The first two times I made the cake, it fell right out of the pan. What do you know...the one time it matters I cannot scrape the cake out of the pan!!

Damon saved the day by running to Sam's Club and picking up a cake!

A kitty cat from Doda and Pawpaw!

blowing out candles

Can't you see the excitement as Wes is about to enjoy cake?

ANOTHER kitty cat!! What a great birthday! Almost made eating cake worth it...

Wesley with Doda and Pawpaw

Wesley with Grandma

now with Mommy and Daddy

Happy 4th birthday, sweet Wesley! Time sure does fly...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"adopted for life" free dowload

Have you read the book "Adopted for Life" by Russell Moore? AWESOME book! It isn't so much about adopting children (like I first thought), but it's about how God has adopted us into His family and the part that ALL Christian families are to play in adopting children.

This book is available as a free download right now at  I realize that you may not be personally interested in adopting children, but this book speaks to everyone and the role that they are to play in adoption. Enjoy!

P.S. Oh yeah - there is some ice, but the main roads are just wet. So far, not bad weather at all!! I'll get out and take a few pictures. I will say though that I couldn't get up the hill that is our driveway, so I did have to park on the street and walk through the yard. A little salt will fix that.  
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