Actually it's from Ohio to Ukraine, back to Ohio, then to China

Monday, June 16, 2008


We have three and a half weeks until we leave - talk about surreal!! It seems like this is something that we have been waiting on forever, and I am so thankful that it is all coming true!!!
Since we are "expecting" (though not in the traditional birth way), I have always thought about what our son will be like, as I imagine most parents-to-be do. Since we have been in this process for about 18 months, my expectations and ideas have changed. It's so funny, our son in my mind has gotten older as we have waited for him to arrive. I never expected that he would age in my mind as we went through the process! When we started the whole process, I was sure that our son had to be 18 months old (at most), but now he is at least three or four years old in my mind. Anyone else have their child age in their mind as they waited?
We have started updating all our dossier documents for travel. We are getting three copies of each document in the chance we decide to adopt two children. I am hoping to get everything gathered in the next week or so to give us time to get to the Secretary of State's office in Columbus a few weeks before we leave. I just want to be sure that we don't have any paperwork "snafus" before leaving. Of course that means that if it is not the paperwork, then it will be something else...such is life :)
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