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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving (just two days late)

I hope everyone had a good thanksgiving. We had both my family and Damon's family over for a late lunch. Damon smoked a turkey, and I baked a turkey breast in the oven (at Damon's request in case his turkey didn't turn out well). My turkey was good for making the gravy, but Damon's turned out better than mine!! It was so moist and the smoked flavor added a different taste. Here are pictures of the turkey before and after. (and yes...I did wash and sanitize the platter)

Last year we started having both families over to our house for Thanksgiving, and personally, I think it has turned out well. Even though you might not think so, it is much less work for us to have it at our house than to attend two LARGE meals at both my parent's house and Damon's mother's house. It's also easier on me mentally to have Wes at our house because when we go somewhere else I worry about him breaking things as he tears through the house. Wesley did eat a lot at our thanksgiving meal! He had turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, stuffing, jelly (don't ask - Damon fed him that). He is making progress on chewing more foods instead of just swallowing and seeing if he gags, so I am thankful for that!

We headed to northern Ohio today for my mother's side of the family's thanksgiving dinner. It was great to see everyone since we don't get up there as often as I'd like. It is difficult to make the trip up there and back in one day - especially now that we have a small child who doesn't love to sit still for a 2.5 hour car ride (We almost always do it in one day because otherwise we have to get someone to take care of the dogs).

Here is a picture of us with my parents, my brother Scott and his girlfriend Emily. (I would like to add a disclaimer that this picture was taken at the end of a long thanksgiving day. I would also like to add that Wesley's ear looks like an elf because you can see just a hint of the fireplace behind his head)

Damon is going to the Bengals game tomorrow, so Wesley and I are going to start decorating the house for "Critmas," which is Christmas in Wesley-speak. We did a little Christmas shopping on Black Friday, but we didn't leave our house until around 11:00am. We missed some of the sales, but got a few good deals. I decided that for myself sleep was more important than saving a few dollars, which goes to show how much I needed sleep! The sale at Staples ended at 10am, but if they had items left, then the sale price was good until they sold out. We didn't get there until around 1:00pm, but they had sale items left.

Speaking of good deals...have you ever visited the website With the code "SAVE," right now you can purchase $25 gift certificates to restaurants for only $2!!! We have been able to go out to eat with another family for only about $10 each (includes tip)! Most restaurants required you to spend $35 and add on the gratuity, but it's a cheap way to try new restaurants. Also a good gift idea...

I am heading off to bed, so have a great rest of the weekend. Why does it always go so quickly?????

Saturday, November 21, 2009

still progressing & a list of things I am thankful for

Wesley is eating more all the time! He is getting better with chewing and being willing to eat, and God-willing we hope to get the tube removed maybe as early as next spring!! We had a follow-up with the surgeon this week, and he couldn't get over how much Wes has grown since mid-summer. Wesley will have another follow-up appointment in February to have a swallow study and we are going to work on getting him off the tube feedings by then. If Wes eats enough by mouth, the doctor will reevaluate Wes in April and take the g-tube out then if he continues to grow and maintain weight in those two months. I am really not sure if it will happen, but I am already praying for it.

Another point of good news is that Wesley has continued to gain weight since going down to 2 cans of Pediasure a day.

I had an MRI done on my knee the other day and it turns out that I have a sprain and a small tear in my MCL. There is also likely a tear in the meniscus, but the doctor couldn't be sure from the MRI. I will likely have surgery sometime after the first of the year to make the repairs. Once that is done, I hope that my knee feels good as new. We'll see...

The big OSU Michigan game is tomorrow and you know who we're rooting for!!!

If I don't post before, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! Take time to remember all that the Lord has blessed you with - a caring husband, a wonderful family who you know would do anything for you, friends who make you laugh and look out for you, a child who couldn't be more like you and your husband if you gave birth to him, our health, "furry" children (aka Duke and Katie), a roof over your head, food on your table, employment, good books, clean laundry, fresh water, Sesame Street to keep your two year old occupied for a few minutes of quiet, enjoyable music, a comfortable bed to get a good night's rest, facebook to keep up with old friends, a big purse to hold anything you could want to carry, silly tv shows to make you laugh (like "The Office"), my contacts to be able to see, Ohio State and Bengals football (we are hard-core fans in this house), long showers, clothes that fit just right, but most of all I am thankful that Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior came to this earth and died to forgive my sins!!!!

Have a good weekend!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

visit to the nutritionist & feeding therapy

I took Wes to the nutritionist on Wednesday morning. She looked at the feeding "diary" we've been keeping of what food Wes eats by mouth and when and was pleased with his progress. She said that we could cut down Wesley's tube feeding from 5.5 cans per day to 2 cans. Of course I was happy to hear that, but we've still got a way to go.

Feeding therapy this week did not go much better than the last time. I was thankful that he didn't scream and cry the whole time, but by saying that though, I am not implying that he ate. We are going to try one more face-to-face meeting, but if he won't eat in front of her, then we're just going to do phone conversations. He is learning to eat and chew, so the goal is being achieved.
I typed those last paragraphs over a week ago, and I went in the next day and finished with a big ol' long post. Somehow though, it wouldn't post and I lost the whole thing. I have been mad at blogspot, so I haven't gotten on here to type again.

Now I cannot remember what I was blogging about...On Election Day, a local issue I spent many hours on was defeated two to one. I'm not upset any more, but I spent the two days after very depressed. I think now that the voters weren't quite sure how the issue would affect them, but I guess it's a learning experience. Sometimes I wish I didn't have to experience disappointing circumstances, but then I wouldn't realize how great the rewarding experiences are. God knows what He's doing.

Wesley is continuing to eat well. He loves for me to get a piece of fried chicken from the grocery deli and tear it apart for him. He's gotten over being afraid to eat chicken because it will "peck his hand." He also is quite the fan of brisket (or "cow" as he calls it), but we really don't have that very often unless we go to City Barbecue - YUM. Mommy and Daddy like it a lot too!

My knee has been getting worse (louder grinding, more swelling, even bruising from the swelling), so I have an MRI scheduled for Wednesday. I meet with the doctor on Friday to get the results. We'll know for sure soon, but it looks like my meniscus might be torn. I am praying that it is just one side and not both. If both sides are torn, they could be fixed with one surgery, but recovery will be longer.

We've already started our Christmas shopping. Last year I waited too long, but I'm already getting in the spirit, so I figured why not? When I went grocery shopping this morning, they were playing Christmas music in the store and the workers were wearing Santa hats. Might just be a little too early for the hats...Even though Wesley is already talking about going to see Santa. Last year he was terrified of Santa, but a few weeks ago we were in a shop and Wes yelled out "Santa." He was pointing at a little figurine of the big guy, and I was shocked he even remembered who he was.

Happy Birthday, Damon!!!
Hopefully your Buckeyes pull out a win for you today...

Here are a few more Halloween pictures. I love the one where Wes is walking with Damon and looking back at me. He was upset that I wasn't taking him, but they only went to a few houses. I then took him to a few as well. All he talked about though is raccoons scaring him (don't know what that's about, but it probably has to do with some sort of mask) and a hand scaring him. Damon told him to stick his hand in a bowl where a hand grabs you as soon as you touch the candy. Hopefully he' not scarred for life.

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