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Friday, October 24, 2008

doctor's appointment

The tube change went well on Thursday. There were no problems putting it in (not that we expected any, but you never know what will happen). The test done at the time of the tube change revealed that Wesley didn't have any esophagus from his stomach up, but this was what we expected. We don't know at this point how much he has from the top down, so it is still possible that the doctors can stretch it if he has enough there. If not though, then it is likely he'll have his stomach pulled up. As Damon said when we first heard about the procedure, it is similar to gastric bypass in an adult. Strange, huh? I guess he won't have to worry much about his weight later in life.
I posted a picture of Wesley eating green beans, but please don't look at it if you think you might be grossed out by green stuff coming out of his neck.
My Grandpa's surgery went well. The doctor felt that he had clear margins and they were able to do it laproscopically, so he will heal faster. We are so thankful for that! I'm not sure what the next step for him is, so please continue to pray.
I also found out today that I have a pretty bad stress fracture in my foot, so I am bummed about getting a beautiful boot to wear for 4-6 weeks - YUCK!! I am happy though that the doctor doesn't want to put it in a cast for that amount of time. I am not sure how the fracture happened, but it was probably all the walking in Ukraine in shoes that weren't made for walking that much. I didn't have any trouble when I was in Ukraine (I thank God for that!!), but it started hurting less than a week after we arrived home. I had gotten used to it hurting, but then it started swelling so much I had trouble wearing shoes. The pain has gotten increasingly worse, so I couldn't ignore that! I am praying that I am a fast healer and I won't have to wear the boot that long. We'll see...

I'll leave you with a few pictures...
after his bath - I would have loved to leave his hair like this, but I thought people at the hospital might not think it was as funny as I did (or they might feel sorry for the cute little boy with the crazy mother)

Mom's sunglasses and necklace are so much fun to wear!
Wesley was trying so hard to wait patiently for the doctor (our appointment was delayed almost an hour and he had not had any food since 10p the night before and it was about noon when I took this picture). He did have my necklace to play with which kept him occupied.
I know that this billboard probably refers to the fact that you can listen to the Cincinnati Bengals on WEBN, but I got a good laugh sitting at a stop light thinking that it referred to the fact that the Bengals have lost every game this season (like they haven't shown up for any games thus far). I want to say though that I am still a big Bengals fan - always have been, always will be. I just hope they win one game soon...

WARNING - do not look at the picture below if you get grossed out easily!! As you can see, anything that goes in his mouth comes right out his neck fistula. You can imagine the mess that a 2.5 ounce can of baby food makes. The good news is that he was eating a lot of green beans!


MamaPoRuski said...

Glad the tube changing went well. Praying for something of the intestines and stomach for the doctors to work with and heal your boy!

Kathy and Matt said...

It sounds like your appointment went fairly well. I'll continue to pray that your doctors are able to determine the best course of treatment for repairing Wesley's esophagus.

I love all his pictures, especially the after bath hair! Cute!

Take it easy on your foot. Hope it heals fast!

adoptedthree said...

As Big Bengal fans ourselves, we can relate to all of the pain!!!

Did you go to Cincinnati for your appointment?

How painful that you have been walking on the fracture for that long! OUCH!

Hope everyone feels better very soon!

Conethia and Jim Bob said...

He is precious and I pray that the doctors are able to fix him for good. Best Wishes.

Amy said...

Hi Staci!
The green beans are actually kinda cute!
Glad to hear that the changing of the tube went ok!
Sorry about your foot!

Take care!


LisaMarie said...

I was totally wondering what it looked like underneath that wrap! So I looked at the picture. Not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

You don't watch Lil Bush on Comedy Central do you? It reminds me of an episode Kendall and I just saw on the Season 2 dvd...remind me to tell you about it some time if you don't know what I'm talking about.

Annette said...

He's so cute! All we see is photo updates, but even in the photos it looks like he's getting bigger!

Amber said...

he is SO SO cute! Glad you found my blog. Hopefully we will run into each other at Apex!

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