Actually it's from Ohio to Ukraine, back to Ohio, then to China

Sunday, April 27, 2008

changes in UA adoption

Things with adoption in Ukraine right now are up in the air for some people. Rumor has it that a law has been passed preventing singles from adopting and married couples from adopting a child more than 45 years younger than the oldest parent. As far as I can tell, nothing has been confirmed yet. I know that some people say that it has passed, but since Cathy Harris hasn't confirmed it, I highly doubt these other people know more than she would know! So until I receive word from Cathy, I do choose not to believe the rumors.
Please pray for all those already in the process (especially my friend Kendall - her blog is listed to the right) and for all the children who may not end up with a forever home. It breaks my heart to think of all the children who might not receive a better life outside of the orphanage!!
We have booked our flight to Kyiv in July! Every time we get a little bit closer in the process, I think "wow - we are really doing this." I don't think that because I have changed my mind - it's just that this is something I have wanted to do for so long that I have trouble believing that my dreams are coming true (becoming a Mom and adopting a child).
I have been emailing every day to Vicki. She and her husband have an appointment the same day as we do. It's great to share information with someone who is at the same step in the process as you are.

Monday, April 14, 2008


We received word from our facilitator that our appointment date is the middle of July!! 3 months to go and so much to do...better get started! :)

Monday, April 7, 2008

day 10 of our "20" day wait

We are on business day 10 of the "20" day wait to hear our appointment date. I put the 20 in quotes because it is unlikely that we will find out by the 20th day. That is okay though - I am used to waiting. Don't you usually have to wait for the best things in life?


Why is it that I am just not motivated to start getting things done? I am traditionally no a procrastinator, but during the adoption process I have started that bad habit!! I need to schedule our immunizations, update paperwork for our travel, start a personal packing list (from suggestions of others), finish the child's room, train a coworker to do my job when I am out of the country, weed my flowerbeds (not adoption-related), and so on...


Since I have at least done a little bit for the room, I will post a picture of the quilt we purchased. We love dogs, so that's the theme we picked for the room. Isn't it adorable??? I still need curtains, and we have to put the bed together. I have just a trundle bed in there now since I didn't want to put the big bed together in case we had to move.

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