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Sunday, September 28, 2008

update - home for two weeks

It is hard to believe that we have been home for almost two weeks! Things are going well. Surprisingly the adjustment has not been difficult for us at all. He is sleeping in his own bed in his own room with no issues. The tube feedings are not as difficult as one might imagine. Soon I am going to write a blog post about how it is done and show pictures of the tube and supplies. (That is my way of getting you to check back!)
We feel like we've had Wesley forever. Crazy to think that we just met him a little over two months ago!! He has changed so much since we picked him up at the orphanage five weeks ago. He is talking/babbling A LOT more (almost constantly now), talking (and trying to run) all over the place, exploring, testing our patience, just generally being a typically 19 month-old! We used to be able to set him down on the floor to go to another room and he would be in the same place when you came back - those days are LONG gone!! We absolutely love being parents!! We should have done this a long time ago!!!
We've been going to the various doctors appointments at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center ( We meet with the surgeon on October 15th, so we should know more then. We are hoping that the doctors can stretch Wesley's tube enough to be able to get the two ends to meet.
Wesley has gained over 2 pounds since we have been in the US. Now that might not seem like a significant amount, but when you think about the fact that he now only weighs 20 pounds it is 10% of his body weight! If you look at the older pictures, you can tell that his cheeks are just a little bit fatter.
Please continue to pray for Wesley's health - the feedings, the doctors, the nurses, the upcoming surgery (or surgeries), continued weight gain. Please pray for us as we get back into working and for my mother as she will be watching him when we are gone. Damon and I will be making decisions soon regarding my work schedule and what is best for our family, so please pray for us. We want to do God's will for our family - even if it means tough times financially.
To anyone who is reading this and thinking about adoption - if you are being called by God to do it, then by all means - DO IT! I was the one who pushed Damon into considering adoption and I wondered many times whether we were doing the right thing, but now I have no doubt that we were meant to be Wesley's parents. If you are worried about funding, trust God to provide. He has provided for us in ways that we could never have imagined. It was not always an easy process, but I shutter to think that we might have missed out on an amazing adventure. If you are thinking about adoption, please feel free to email us with any questions
I'll leave you with pictures of our last few weeks...

all my boys!
waiting at the doctor's office

Wesley rubbing his head on Duke's head (I think it is his way of showing the dog affection since Duke will not let Wes hug him)

Wesley fell asleep after being fed and Duke joined him for a little nap

playing in the bathroom

trying on hats at Babies R' Us

Go Bengals!!

riding in the car seat (so much fun)
Wes was thinking about touching the soda can - can't you see it in his eyes? (I had to move it about 5 seconds later)
my 30th birthday dinner
Wesley and his daddy Wesley with his very proud Grandparents

getting ready for Christmas!!


Heidi and Felix said...

You're right - his cheeks are getting chubby! How wonderful!

Thanks for sharing your time at home - it is encouraging to hear such a positive story.


Payne's said...

Oh I am so glad you posted! I've been checking daily to see pictures of little man. We will keep you in our prayers as you move forward with many decisions.


Tami said...

LOVE the pictures! He is so sweet..and handsome too. We'll be praying for you as you get ready for that doctor's appointment

Stefanie said...

Girl, Wesley looks great! \
We are on our way outta here. Picking up passports today and finishing with Medicals and Visas Monday.
We will be in Ohio over Christmas. Would love to see you guys!
Stefanie, Bill, William, Patrick, Peter and Joseph

DoveFamily said...

2 pounds - that's awesome! He definitely is getting those adorable chubby cheeks :) I'm glad things are going well - isn't being a parent wonderful!?!?!? I will be praying for you guys as you continue to get settled and find the best routine for your family, and I will pray for Wesley's health & upcoming surgery(s).


Chris and Celeste said...

Wesley is so precious! So glad you are home and settling in. Keep us posted about the doctors appt. It must be hard to go back to work...

Courtney said...

He looks FANTASTIC!! I didn't even need to go back to the old pictures to see the difference. Even his color has improved so much.
And I love love love his smile!!

Mountain Girl said...

Wesley looks so much like his Daddy! It sounds like ya'll are doing great and what a blessing for you to be Wesley's parents! That's encouraging about Damon...I'm praying my husband will be willing to consider foster/adopt............

Amy said...

He looks so good!

My thoughts are with you on your changes with work... it can be a tough decision sometimes to make a major change, but it is so worth it to be able to spend more time with your kiddo(s)....

Best wishes!


Kathy and Matt said...

Thanks for the update. It sounds like you are all doing great!

Wesley is just adorable! You can tell from his pictures that he's gained weight, plus you can see he's a happy little guy.

Keep us posted as things progress. We'll definitely be praying, especially as you move forward with any medical treatment.

Kelly said...

Beautiful pictures!! You can tell he loves his new family. I also check your blog every day for new pics & updates on Wesley. Will keep your family in my prayers as you make these big decisions!!

Michelle said...

how fun to come back and read/see how well Wesley is doing. He is just TOOO cute! You all just look 100% natural together. :)

Thank you for your encouragement to those of us waiting/about to adopt. It means a lot to read that from someone whose been through it recently. :)

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