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Sunday, September 7, 2008

not much to report (day 53)

We're just hanging out here in Kiev doing "normal" stuff like cooking, cleaning, laundry, and going to the grocery. Since we're all here in this little one bedroom apartment, we have been getting to know Wesley quite well. Thus far we have been unsuccessful at getting him to go to sleep without one of us lying there until he's out. You can't sit on the bed either, you have to pretend you're asleep or he'll try to play with you (mess with my hair, touch my eyes and nose, and put his fingers in my mouth - don't ask). He does go to sleep pretty easily and wakes up in a good mood, so we're thankful for that! He sleeps through the night and wakes up around 6:30a to be fed. Then he goes back to sleep for another 2-2.5 hours. He is only taking one nap in the afternoons versus the three or more naps at the orphanage! He seems to be doing fine with the change, and since it fits into our schedule better, we're going with it.
We have tried what are called "mock feedings" with limited success. Anything he takes in by mouth comes out a little hole in his neck called a spit fistula. All the pictures of him have that wrap around his neck to catch the drool, otherwise he's a wet mess! We (me and Damon) ate spaghetti for lunch yesterday, so I put some tomato sauce on my finger and put it in his mouth (He doesn't let you put anything in his mouth very easily). He seemed to like it so I kept giving him more, which of course stained the cloth around his neck pink/red. I was encouraged that he liked it/didn't hate it, so I thought I would try giving him a sucker like everyone suggested for the airplane ride home. No luck...he absolutely HATED it! When I let him hold it (which meant he held the sticky part in his hands) he quit squirming around, but he would not put it near his mouth. (I cannot post pictures right now because our internet is too slow, but I will soon!)
Unfazed by the dislike of the sucker, I tried vanilla ice cream. Again - he did not like that either! A little raspberry juice on my finger - NOPE! Pureed baby peaches - NOPE! Chocolate ice cream - NOPE! Diet Coke - NOPE! So maybe he just isn't into things that are that even possible?? I cannot imagine not loving sweets, but anyway...I am not sure that I am going to find any tomato-flavored suckers over here (or anywhere in the world), so I'll just have to try popping his ears with my fingers.
Wesley's passport isn't ready today, but we are still hopeful about tomorrow!! I will update as soon as we know anything!
Love - Staci and Damon


Chris and Celeste said...

Thanks for sharing with us. I think I did read someone elses blog awhile back that said their child didn't like icecream either (because it was cold and sweet). I guess in the orphanges they have bland food that is mushy not textured, so he might not like sweets. What do you/they feed him in his tube? I guess he hasn't tasted much on his tongue. He might like salty if he likes tomatoe sauce. Can you put salt on the lollipop? I am partially kiddint:) Praying the passport comes soon. We finally sent our dossier off to Bulgaria Friday so now we are waiting:)

Anonymous said...

thanks for all the updates, I am following your blog, we hope to travel next year to ukraine.
God bless you and your new family, what a wonderful little boy God has blessed you safe on the way home.
cheryl from NC

DoveFamily said...

William didn't like many sweets at all, but that has all changed over the past 9 months :) But he still craves his tomatoes & cucumbers constantly, and loves to eat almost any fresh fruit or vegetable. He'll typically choose them over the sweets.

Courtney said...

Dima's the same way. He will try sweets, and he says he likes them, but he usually only eats a bite or two...unlike his brother who has a HUGE sweet tooth. :)

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