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Friday, September 5, 2008

things are looking up

As you may be able to discern from the title of this posting, good news has come our way. We were able to get everything taken care of with Wesley's tax ID number (and by "we," I mean our translator). After receiving this half sheet of paper, we rushed over to the passport office to get his picture taken. When it was his turn, I took him into the little office where the pictures are taken. The woman set a box on the chair and I set him in it. I was afraid that as soon as I put him down he would start crying, but he didn't. He did cry though as soon as the flash went off. I only saw the picture for a second, but he was looking very serious (as usual).
We went outside to wait for our translator. After about 10 minutes she told us to head back to the apartment, and she would meet us there. As soon as we got to the apartment, we had to move everything out (it was already packed - at least mostly). We waited outside the building, and our translator arrived. I (Staci) was too afraid to even ask when we could expect the passport because I was afraid of being disappointed. Damon asked though and she said that they hoped to get it to us on Tuesday, but should definitely get it by Wednesday. I know I may be setting myself up to be disappointed, but I am hopeful again!
We flew back to Kiev to wait. I was afraid of how Wes would do on the airplane. Any guesses? He was perfectly fine the whole flight - until we began our descent. Then he SCREAMED!! (He also kept tugging on his ears, so I know they were hurting him) We are not talking a little cry, we are talking everyone on the plane knew there was a small child on board. I thought I would be embarrassed, but I wasn't (well, maybe a little). I think Damon was a little bit, but it's not like we could make him stop. We tried to distract him, to get him to suck his thumb, toys, etc. But it didn't work, so what could we do? Any "seasoned" parents out there with suggestions? It's difficult because he won't take a pacifier and cannot eat or drink anything. I am a little worried as our flights home are on three separate flights. Please give me some ideas...
We are in Kiev now, so we'll be just hanging out here around Independence Square. I must say - we're disappointed that we don't have Vicki and Rodney to go to TGI Fridays with :)
Please continue to pray that we receive the passport on Tuesday (or even Wednesday) and that we have time to get thigns done for the US government. Please pray for our bonding to Wes as well.
Love - Staci and Damon


Anonymous said...

Now, I'm not "seasoned" by any means, but could you give him some Benadryl or something to make him sleepy for your flights home?? Maybe that's not a proper parenting technique, but if he's asleep maybe he wont notice his ears hurting as much. Or are you not able to give him anything through his mouth? Good luck & I'm glad things are looking up for you guys!

Chris and Celeste said...

So good to hear some news. I have 2girls and would give them something to drink or eat when we were descending. So I don't know what to do if he can't eat or swollow. I believe it is the chewing motion or sucking that helps unplug the ears. Can he have a lollipop? Chew on a toy? Keep us posted. Celeste

Cara & Doug said...

Staci- children's cold medicine with a decongestant in it, if you can find some. I have horrible problems with my ears when I fly and I start taking decongestant about 3 days before flying and it seems to help. The benadryl will help too. I have heard many parents who adopted say it helps. Wish I we had given it to our little one on the trip home. Instead she slept 20 minutes of the 10 hour flight home to Ohio!! :) Crying/screaming probably made him feel better. They tell you to yawn/ open your mouth really wide to make your ears pop...
Best wishes!

Kathy and Matt said...

the suggestions made by others for your flight are all good. The only other thing I'd add is to not get too worried if he does cry. When we flew back, there were crying kids all throughout the plane (not all newly adopted) and Leeza was amazingly well behaved. Then she had a melt-down about 3 hrs from Mpls. She was exhausted. We couldn't calm her down, so we just let her cry herself to sleep.

Many others will be wearing headsets, etc. and most have come to expect some crying. It will most likely only be a problem as you take off or descend.

Hoping you have good news on Tuesday!

MamaPoRuski said...

I hope Wesley likes Krashatik on the weekends! Kyiv shuts it to traffic and all the street vendors come out with carnival games, shows and picture opportunities with every animal imaginable!
Also, even though he can't have things by mouth can he suck on something to help ease his ears, trying to get him to yawn with you might help too.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am glad you are making progress! On the ears...Massage the little triangle part of the ear, pressing it onto the ear hole to open and close the hole. As you can see I am not a DR, by the terminology, but this method has made for lots of uneventful flights. Good luck!

DoveFamily said...

So glad you're back in Kyiv - yea progress!!!! Sorry, no experience with a kiddo that young, but I have heard several people suggest a lollipop, if that's doable for him. If you have time, check out the chats on - I know this has been discussed before.

Enjoy your weekend - with new scenery :)

Anonymous said...

I say go with a sucker if he can have them. If not chewing on a toy will also help. Also try to rub on the back of his ears. This will help loosen the intensity of the pain.
Mom of four

Amy said...

Hi guys!
I would try the sucker - just be extremely careful that he does not bite pieces off, if that is an issue with the feeding tube...
You can also try making funny faces - with opening his mouth really wide and giggly games. I did not Benadryl any of my kiddos coming home, as I was afraid that it would have the opposite result - meaning that the kiddo goes nuts instead of sleepy (good thing - since I later found out that my oldest DOES goes freaky with it!) Maybe a teething ring type thing he could chew on?
You have a few days before your flight - so you have time to get a little inventive...
Don't be too upset if he does scream - it happens... I remember all too well being EXTREMELY tired, homesick, stressed out and also dealing with a grumpy toddler or two coming home from Ukraine.. it does make you very weary! Take turns with each other... take a few hours shifts so one can sleep while the other does baby duty... If you are able to get seats that are one behind the other - sometimes that can be a small buffer for the "sleeping" parent! Sometimes just letting him walk up and down the aisles can calm him too!

Anonymous said...

After refusing to fly for the first 28 years of my life because I was afraid of how my ears would handle the pressure, I wore a set of "earplanes" and took decongestants. I've always had major ear problems (they don't equalize differences in pressure well...thus the fear of flying :-))
If he'll keep them in, the earplanes might help! And its not a "drug" so you don't have to worry about giving it to him.
Here's a link if you have no idea what I'm talking about. Maybe you might find them at an airport.

Good luck! Love seeing pictures of him, and can't wait to meet him!


Kevin and Tammy said...

Hope things go well for you with the passport. I know you are ready to go home. We are too.
Seems like you have all the best advice on the ears.
Tammy and Kevin

The Dardennes said...

We're so happy for you that things are moving along. We miss eating with you too, but I have to be honest, we're not ready to be back in Kiev. Gaining you all as friends is the best memory we have about our trip. We'll have to find a TGIF somewhere in between our two states and meet up some time for old times sake! Love you guys!

Courtney said...

I don't know what the extent is that he can have liquids by mouth, but you might also try having him suck on a wet/damp washcloth. You can even dampen it with juice to encourage him to suck on it. You might try it over the next few weeks and see how he does to help him get used to it.

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