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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

picking up passport

Damon is picking up Wesley's passport in Kharkiv as I type this!! We are going tomorrow morning to get the physical done and drop off the paperwork at the Embassy. If possible we would like to get his immigrant visa tomorrow to make sure we can make our flights on Saturday . If not though, we shouldn't have any trouble getting it on Friday (at least I hope).
We are so excited to get home (for good)!! We miss our family, friends and dogs so much!! I know everyone at home is excited to meet Wesley, and we cannot wait for everyone to meet him, too! I do wonder how he is going to react to the dogs...I am sure he will be scared of them at first (especially Duke who tends to get overexcited and Katie is just nosy), but we'll all learn to live together in harmony.
Please continue to pray that things go smoothly and we are able to keep our flights home! Please also pray for me and Damon handling Wes on the flight home and for Wesley handling the flight well (or at least tolerating it). Bonding is going well at this point, but I am a little concerned about how he is going to handle the doctors in the US (he hates those white coats here).
Love - Staci and Damon


The Dardennes said...

Yeah! There is light at the end of the tunnel! Thanks for keeping us updated. We look forward to hearing that you've made it home safely.

Debbie said...

Hooray!! The end is in sight. I know you'll be so glad to get home.

Mountain Girl said...

YEA! That is so exciting! I love seeing the pictures and hearing your story. Many prayers for you as you get all the paperwork in order and head home!

Kathy and Matt said...

Great to read this post!

Praying that all goes smoothly in these final steps and that you get on the flights you want. Also praying for safe and easy travel home with Wesley.

I can vividly recall my emotions at this stage of the process. You're so close to being home --- just stay focused on the end goal and before you know it you will be sitting in the comfort of your own home with Wesley in your arms!


DoveFamily said...

So excited to read this big news! You shouldn't have ANY trouble getting it by Friday, and they might possibly work with you to get it same day. The people we dealt with at the Embassy were amazing, friendly, helpful... it was nice to be in that environment for a few minutes :)

Amy said...

That is such exciting news!
You are sooooo close! I know that you are both relieved and excited at the same time!
If you are going to the same OIM medical office for the check on Wesley for the medical - just be alittle aware that the place is an absolute ZOO at times! People are everywhere! Try and relax and let your translator take charge of everything there!

I was thinking that since he hated the sucker - you might want to try just being really distracting during the take off and first 15-20 minutes - try to keep him laughing and making noise (other than crying...haha) and that will keep his ears open and moving so they don't get plugged in the beginning... same thing with the descent.. Don't stress too much about it though... just remember its just the last 10 hours until you get H-O-M-E!!!

Take care!

Courtney said...

Obviously I have no idea as to the extent of Wesley's medical condition, but I noticed in one of the pictures that he had a book in his mouth and you mentioned he likes to chew on things. Even teethers or toys that he can chew/suck on should help generate saliva and trigger his swallow reflex, which should help with the ears.

adoptedthree said...

Hey Staci and Damon
Finally light at the end of the tunnel. You will make it!

The plane ride will be just fine because you know you are heading HOME!


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