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Monday, March 31, 2008


We received word this weekend that our dossier has been submitted. YAY!! Now we are in the waiting period to find out when our appointment will be. From others that have been submitted this year, I assume that our appointment will be around mid to late July at the earliest. So I guess we'll be there for the warm, sticky summer months with the bugs and everything...believe me - I am not complaining though!! I am so thankful that we will be given a chance to travel to find our son!!
We had an open house yesterday with a limited turnout of only 6 couples. The only complaint was the hill in the backyard, so that is encouraging. No offers though, but we're optimistic that one will come. If it doesn't though, we wait until next spring to try again. Damon really wants to get it done now, where it doesn't matter as much to me. I just worry about taking on too much before the adoption.
I am again fighting an upper respiratory/sinus infection. This is the third one since Christmas, and it is getting old! What is bothering me now is the deep chest cough. It is bothering Damon too since I am keeping him up at night :) I think I am going to head off to bed now to see if I can get some rest!


DoveFamily said...

Wonderful news - congrats! I pray that the time will pass quickly and you will soon know your appointment date. Be glad you're going during the warmer weather - it was NOT fun packing all that winter clothing. The layering-up before going out got old fast. And I think we would have been able to explore a lot more of our son's city, had it not been so stinkin' cold!

Hope you're feeling better soon :)

jennjenn said...

Yeah! How wonderful! We are continuing to pray for you guys and that God's hands guide the perfect son(s) to you!!

Susan & Truman said...

That's great news! Hope you hear about your appt. date soon!

Mark and Courtney said...

Yea!! Congrats--I know you've been waiting for this for a long time! :)

John and Amy said...

Congratulations on getting submitted!
Keeping my fingers crossed for you for a speedy date and lots of success!

Best wishes!


gayle said...

Congratulations on news of your submission! I'm just waiting to hear when our dossier will be submitted. Do you know what you number was? I'd love to get a sense of where the SDA is. Please email me at


Kathy & Matt said...

It is a big milestone and you'll be surprised at how quickly the time goes between now and when your appointment is scheduled.

We're happy for you!

MamaPoRuski said...

Congratulations on the submission! We traveled July-September of last year and hope to return by fall this year. I think I'd take summer over easier packing list! Will pray for the house too!

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