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Monday, April 7, 2008

day 10 of our "20" day wait

We are on business day 10 of the "20" day wait to hear our appointment date. I put the 20 in quotes because it is unlikely that we will find out by the 20th day. That is okay though - I am used to waiting. Don't you usually have to wait for the best things in life?


Why is it that I am just not motivated to start getting things done? I am traditionally no a procrastinator, but during the adoption process I have started that bad habit!! I need to schedule our immunizations, update paperwork for our travel, start a personal packing list (from suggestions of others), finish the child's room, train a coworker to do my job when I am out of the country, weed my flowerbeds (not adoption-related), and so on...


Since I have at least done a little bit for the room, I will post a picture of the quilt we purchased. We love dogs, so that's the theme we picked for the room. Isn't it adorable??? I still need curtains, and we have to put the bed together. I have just a trundle bed in there now since I didn't want to put the big bed together in case we had to move.


Tami said...

You're halfway there! Well...almost. ;)

Vince , Shelly and Maddie said...

Wow. Nice job on the room. We just finished the den. Now on to the little ones' room!
Thanks for stopping by our blog! Go Bucks and we're praying for you guys, too!

James & Lisa, Patrick, Christian, Carson & Arriving Soon Little Sister said...

Congratulations! We just received our submission date and are in the rush to send in those last minute updated docs!
Again congratulations!

Our blog:

Anonymous said...

Ahh, brings back sweet memories of the room we prepared for our Ukrainian son before we ever knew him... we adopted three years ago and have been so blessed! I would go in there and pray for him. We are a Cathy family as well and wish you a blessed, blessed, joyous trip to find your son!!!!!

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