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Thursday, March 20, 2008

4 days to submission...

I cannot believe that we only have 4 days until out dossier is submitted!! It feels surreal, and I am trying not to get my hopes up too high in case something happens. I really have no idea what could happen, but in the event that something does happen I will be a little better prepared. Our facilitator says that we have everything ready to go, so I trust her.


I have decided that I better get my behind in gear...I was so gung-ho reading books, doing research, and preparing when we first starting this adoption journey, but in the last six months I have slacked off. I am not sure if it is because I was upset at how slowly it felt like things were going or what, but I have been trying to motivate myself! The good news though is that in the last six months I have been very diligent in saving money. I really wish I had been this attentive to our money for the past 5 years! I cannot imagine the amount we would have in savings now! I guess it is best not to think about it :(

Our house is also for sale right now. We are trying to move before the adoption because once we get home, we won't move for a while to create stability for our child(ren). I feel like we haven't had enough interest in it, but the weather here in Ohio recently probably has something to do with it. We had a blizzard two weekends ago and since then it has been raining almost nonstop. I am happy to report though that today was a beautiful sunny day! It's amazing how much better you feel when the sun is shining :) Hopefully things pick up in the housing market, but if not, then we won't move. We are really looking to move to be closer to our jobs. We both drive at least 25 minutes to get to work, and we would like to be able to spend that time at home rather than on the road. We'll see what happens.

Here is Duke staring out at the snow from last weekend. I had to shovel the back porch so the dogs could get outside. And yes...Duke is wearing a sweater because he was spending so much time outside that I was worried about him getting too cold!

What else to talk about...I am super-psyched for the Celebrity Apprentice tonight! I am a country music fan, so I am excited that Trace Adkins is doing so well! I think he and Piers Morgan will be the two facing off for the finale. I think Trace will win though!


So apparently the basketball season is wrapping up because Damon had me fill out a basketball pool. He knows that I don't even like basketball, but he wants me to pick these teams that I know NOTHING about. Then as I pick teams for various reasons (like the fact that I like the name of the school), he makes fun of me! What is that about? then as I have done for the past five years, I pick Duke to win it all. I pick them because that is the name of one of our dogs, even though he is not named after the school. One of these days they are going to win, and thus I will finish somewhere above the bottom three in a pool...


Our niece Julie got married last weekend to Isaac. It was a very nice ceremony and reception. Damon walked her down the aisle since her father passed away about 18 months ago, so that was nice. Here are a few pictures from the happy day


Christine said...

How exciting! I hope everything goes according to plan. At least you know when you are being submitted.

Tami said...

YEA! How exciting! I hope everything goes quickly and easily for you...including that house sale. IT's a good idea to get all of tht done before you bring the kid(s) home. Life after kids is crazy! :)

Kathy & Matt said...

It's so great that you know when you're being submitted now. Not that there still isn't a lot of waiting, but at least you have a date to focus on. Trust me time will go faster than you expect between submission and your appointment.

Can't wait to follow your journey as you get closer to traveling.

MamaPoRuski said...

Glad mom is doing well, and you will soon have your submission! It seems you are finding stuff to keep life interesting while you wait LOL! You are in our thoughts and prayers! God Bless!

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