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Friday, January 7, 2011

CHRISTmas update in photos

We had a wonderful Christmas! I could babble on about it, instead I'll show our day in pictures.

Wesley saw Uncle Scott's iPad and fell in LOVE!

my parent's fireplace and tree

the gift-opening begins
(notice the tongue sticking out? It was a theme of the day)

Pawpaw rocking out on the new guitar

now Wesley takes a turn

"riding" the new scooter in the box

now using it as it was intended

part of a wonderful gift from my parents  (makes me a little teary even looking at it)

Wesley's gift to Doda (looks like my mom, doesn't it? NOT at all!)

Wesley's gift to Pawpaw (words fail me, I have no idea how he picked this out for my Dad except that my Dad likes salt)

I'm sure you are wondering what Damon and I received...Wesley purchased a tiny picture frame for me (about 1" x 2") and Damon received a yellow plastic bracelet with the word "honor" on it

playing with a new train

Katie modeling her christmas wear

the basement Christmas tree on Christmas morning

the train Santa brought Wesley

instead of playing with the train, he sat down to read a book (just like his Momma would do)

Uncle Scott showed Wesley how cool iPhones are


another new train

showing the train to my cousin's daughter (I LOVE this picture)

the Christmas tree in the family room

our niece's daughter giving Katie a kiss

Wesley having a spot of tea

Katie was able to sleep amid the chaos

Wesley warmed up and started playing with his train

a picture before heading to bed (I cannot believe I didn't get a family picture all day!!)


The McEacherns said...

At least you got a family photo. I'm not in one single picture this Christmas! You must be getting so excited about Little Sister coming home. If you've mentioned a timeline, I missed it. What's the scoop?

The Rogersuz said...

LOVE the pictures!!! They are great and he's getting so big!

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