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Monday, January 24, 2011

adoption #2 update

So I've been meaning to update y'all on where we are in the "baby sisser" adoption process...we were fingerprinted last week for USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration) and we have begun to gather dossier documents.
Damon and I - post fingerprinting

The adoption "rules" (for lack of a better word) will be changing in Moldova effective February 1, 2011.  The two biggest changes for us as adoptive parents is that the children will need to be on a national registry for a longer period of time (from 6 months to 12-24 months) and a longer stay in country (from 2-one week trips to 30 consecutive days). There are other changes, but they wouldn't affect us like the above two.

Now as parents who are "in the process" (I LOVE to be able to type that), it is unclear right now whether we will proceed under the old or the new rules. We have sent in enough dossier documents to be registered with the Ministry of Labor, but we could be under the new rules because we haven't accepted a referral. There could also be delays in the processing of adoptions as the new rules are implemented.

As always with international adoption, so much is in flux right now, but just like with Ukraine, God's timing will be perfect :) Ukraine stopped adoptions for about 5 months after we had sent in our dossier in 2007, and I just remember thinking that everything (aka my thoughts on how the adoption should progress) was messed up then. Of course it wasn't because Wesley wasn't available until the day we had our second appointment. I really thought that I knew when it would be best for us to travel to Ukraine, but I was SO wrong!! Besides Wesley not being available, we would have been in Ukraine in the winter - no thanks!!

Please pray for us (mainly Staci) as we (again, mainly Staci) work on the dossier. We have to find a notary who is able to travel to our dotcor's office to notarize our medical papers, and I am not feeling all that motivated to get things done. I think the weather has gotten me down. It has been downright dreary here in Ohio with no sun and inches upon inches of snow. Lately it always seems to be snowing which I enjoy when I am home in my pajamas, but not so much when I have to run errands or drive to work.

I am not going to end on a depressed note, so I do have some good news to share...Damon has been offered a new job!! I have been praying for him to get a new job since we started dating (seriously), which was over 10 years ago. He will still be working in government, but in a job much more suited to his talents and abilities. We are so thankful for this opportunity  for him, and I pray he likes it as much as he thinks he will :)
By the way...I FINALLY had time to make a new background!


The McEacherns said...

Thanks for the update! God's timing is always perfect, isn't it?

Chris and Celeste said...

so true, God's timing is perfect.

jenny said...

Hi There! Somehow.. I stumbled across your blog and am so excited for you both! I have been to Moldova (on a mission trip in college) and FELL IN LOVE WITH THE PEOPLE THERE. AND.... we have just brought home our two twin boys from Ethiopia. AND DO I EVER know how DAUNTING the task of that DOSSIER IS!!!! Thinking of you and excited to watch the whole process pan out!!!

The Rogersuz said...

Praying for you guys and totally know exactly how you feel! Things keep changing all of the time. Gotta say it was very encouraging to hear about what happened in Ukraine and how it was God's perfect timing!! Love the new background:)

Angela Maggard said...

It's exciting to see you doing stuff just a little ahead of us! We are about to turn in the I800A (we had a little hold up) and will be waiting for our fingerprints... How long did it take them to give you an appointment? We are trying to find a notary too... we think we might have one, but haven't heard back... CAS sent our stuff to try to get in before the deadline; so, I hope that we will get in with the old rules too... but, like you said, God knows best!! :)

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