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Friday, October 8, 2010

YAY, it's Friday

Oh, Friday, I am quite glad you came so quickly this week. Do you ever just have one of those weeks where your brain just isn't engaged?  Seriously. I feel like I am physically present, but mentally out to lunch or dinner or in bed. I could hardly tell you what has happened the last few days, but it wasn't like I was home in bed.

The Sauerkraut Festival is this weekend in Waynesville, Ohio! Damon loves the sauerkraut pizza, German sauerkraut sundae, sauerkraut doughnuts, all of it. Well, he actually doesn't like the sauerkraut balls, but frankly I don't understand how he can eat any of it! I cannot fathom.Why in the world would you ruin a perfectly good doughnut by mixing in old, rotten cabbage?? And the "sundae" is actually mashed potatoes with sauerkraut and other miscellaneous fixin's. It's not even ice cream, so don't call it a sundae!! Sundaes are wonderful things with ice cream and caramel and nuts and a cherry on top. I weould even go so far as to call the sauerkraut sundae a fraud to sundaes everywhere. But it's a fun festival and there are a lot of crafty booths with some unique items. We actually bought this fun Ohio State sign for the basement last year.
Who knows what I'll be able to pick up this year. I'm excited just thinking about it! I am not excited about the smell from the sauerkraut, but since I still have a bit of congestion from the cold I had, maybe I'll be lucky enough not to smell it. And if I can smell it, then I'll just have to inhale enough powdered sugar from my funnel cake that I cannot smell anything but the sugary goodness I am eating.

So if you're in the area, I suggest you stop on out to the Sauerkraut Festival. You'll be there with a couple hundred thousand of your closest friends!! (Yes, it can be that crowded)


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