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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ohio Renaisance Festival (oh yeah - we went)

Sit back - this is a long one! Before I get to the Renaissance Festival, let me finish my Bengals post...
Marines were honored before the game and some took an oath of some sort at halftime (I'm not being disrespectful, I just couldn't understand what was said over the noise of the stadium)

I would not have wanted to be the guy getting taken down by three guys at least his size!

Now the fans...
 His gloves were quite helpful in not dropping the water and soda. (You can't see his doo-rag well, but he actually had a buccanneer with a line through it. sweet)

I loved this guy with a child sized helmet on his head. I don't believe he ever took it off, but maybe he couldn't get it off his head...

Who wouldn't want a "Who Dey Hotel"? Probably everyone now that I think about it.

This is just a shot of the stands - talk about a lot of people there to see the Bengals lose.

So now onto the Ohio Renaissance Festival...a coworker gave us free tickets, otherwise we would not have paid $40 just to get into the "festival." Personally I thought Wesley would like to see the costumes, and he did even though he thought they were dressed up for Halloween. (side note: Wes asked me at least three times what I was going to be for Halloween. My answer: Cat in the Hat's mom) Damon was less than excited to go, but I thought it would be fun to people watch more than anything. I went to the festival YEARS ago so I generally knew what to expect, but Damon had NO idea. he he he (that's my evil laugh)

Many people visiting the festival dress up in period costume, so it isn't just the workers who are dressed to the nines. We did not dress up, but I'm sure that comes as no surprise to you. Not only do people go all out to dress the part for the festival, they talk like it is the 1500s as well! To me though most of it sounded like they were trying to talk like pirates, but maybe that's just my untrained ears :) Our family stuck with the good ol' southern Ohio twang.

Here's a sample of what we ran across couldn't make this stuff up!

belly dancers - not sure what the fox tails are all about

I have always wanted to carry a parasol, but I've never had one that went with my outfit. Come to think of it, I've never actually had one at all. bummer

the parade of workers (some ladies were a bit racey in my opinion)

How would you like to have people throw rotting veggies at you? No thanks.

love the ears and the wings

it's a family affair

I am unsure whether this is a costume or just her everyday outfit.

more fairy wings

Here are pictures of us hamming it up:

Wesley hanging with a viking

on the much anticipated horse ride

these cute little pumpkins were at a farm on our way home

I almost didn't see this van in the parking lot! *smirk*

Next update will be about the first professional pictures of our family that we had taken this week...stay tuned!


Kristian said...

Very cool. I personally loved the Ohio Renaissance as I've never been to one like it before (although there were some history re-enactment festivals I've attended this year).

This is what I wrote about the Renaissance Fest...

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