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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bengals game, adoption update

So I'm a bit late in posting the pictures from the Cincinnati Bengals game last Sunday. (here's a spoiler...they lost) I'm going with "better late than never." I have to say first though that it's been a productive week as far as I'm concerned. One thing that I've been trying to concentrate on is not wearing myself out at work. I work hard (thank you for the work ethic, Mom and Dad), but most days I work so hard trying to get everything done that I come home exhausted, mentally and physically. Doesn't exactly make me a model wife or this week I tried to remember to save something for home. Of course I still worked hard all day, but I didn't try to get everything done every day. I made myself leave work to take care of the next day, and miraculously it all got done. Well maybe not everything, but everything that HAD to be done got done. So I had much more patience and energy for Damon and Wes, which I'm sure they appreciate. And one more crazy thing - I even had the energy to clean the house like I like to do (never got around to hiring that person to clean...YET). Having such a clean house helps my mental state as well, I'm weird like that.

I am happy to report that our homestudy is nearly complete!! I thought I would be typing this months ago, but again, better late than never. I have to email a very detailed list of monthly expenses to insert into our study, but then it's ready to go. I am hoping to get it into USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration) before their fees increase in a few weeks, but if we don't, the difference in cost is only about $100. Not a lot, but it's still something that I would prefer not to have to pay, considering the fact that adoption isn't exactly cheap. And I just realized that I should be typing up that detailed list instead of blogging, but oh well, I'll finish this first. What will happen though is that I'll finish this and it'll be time for bed, then I'll have to find time tomorrow. Such is life. I guess it will be worth it for our daughter :)

Now for the game...
the coin toss

 a lil action shot

the huddle (check out the zoom on my camera)

T.O. (Terrell Owens) had a good game, and it had to be because I was wearing a shirt with his name and number on it. There couldn't be another reason.  

Ok, so now my computer won't upload any more pictures, so I'm going to post this and finish it tomorrow. Guess that's my cue to work on the list for the home study...


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