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Thursday, September 9, 2010

an update of sorts

Before I start...I know I said I'd post last night, but my computer froze up after I'd uploaded all the pictures but not put them in the post. I was mad, so I waited until tonight.

How does a month go by so fast? How did the summer go by already? We spent the end of the summer hanging out at the pool and playing in the yard.
Wes was so excited to jump in the pool!

Oh, how do I love this scowl :)

a squirt gun fight in the backyard

and since Wes couldn't get Daddy, he went for Duke's rear end
(our poor dogs take some abuse)

We took a trip to Chicago to see my brother Scott. The weather was great and it was wonderful to get away, if only for three days! There aren't any pictures of my brother because he wouldn't cooperate and smile, or even look pleasant for that matter.
Damon and I in the park

Wesley walking with his Doda and Pawpaw

The Bentley and Lamborghini dealership was right around the corner from our hotel. (Side note: I have never looked at those expensive cars up close and WOW - they are gorgeous! I can see what makes a guy salivate over nice cars, I was!!)

Wouldn't I look great tooling around in this little number? Pretty sure the $120k+ price tag makes it just a little out of my reach.  

the Hershey's store. Now I don't like the taste of chocolate, but I love the smell! I wanted to stay in the store all day.

yeah - that's a five pound bar of chocolate

Damon and I went on an architectural boat tour. (My parents, brother and his girlfriend were so kind to take Wes to the aquarium) If you get a chance to do the tour, it was awesome. Now I enjoy a nice looking building as much as the next gal, but it was interesting to see the buildings and how once you know one person's architectural style, you can pick out other buildings that person designed.

This was a church right across from our hotel and the Bentley dealership

it was a warm day, so the boats were out on the river

The Sears Tower (now called something else...) now has glass observation decks. Imagine being 100+ stories above Chicago in a glass box...has to be a thrill 

Wesley dancing on the street for money (it almost looks like my dad was dancing too, but he wasn't. He also wasn't dancing for money, but he wouldn't have turned it down)

just a cute smile

my parents (or Wesley's Doda and Pawpaw)

An after dinner carriage ride - why not? Wesley was out of his mind excited to "ride the horse" even though that's not quite what we did. I enjoyed seeing a little of the city from the carriage.

Now a little randomness...

So I've done a bit of shopping recently at Aldi grocery store. I purchased the boxed scalloped potatoes shown above, which were quite good by the way. Now if you've ever purchased box potatoes, you know that on the side of the box there are various ways to "spice up" the potatoes. What do you know...this box of potatoes has a recipe for scones on the side. Ironically, the scone recipe has NOTHING to do with the potatoes.

We've really been struggling with Wesley's eating lately. He is fighting it more than he has in the recent past. It's a battle each and every meal. Please pray for me and Damon because it is just really wearing on us right now. I have faith that one day he might like to eat, but we aren't there yet. I'm sure that when he sees his "baby sisser" eat that he will do it as well, but again, we aren't there yet. It's tough. (in my opinion, that's a serious understatement)

Speaking of our adoption, our homestudy draft is finished and our agency is reviewing it right now. Hopefully that's finished soon so we can send it into US Citizenship and Immigration to get our fingerprint appointment. We have to apply for an I-800 visa since Moldova is a Hague country, so the process is different than Ukraine (I-600 visa, not Hague). You cannot apply for a visa and then send in your home study when it is finished like you can with a non-Hague country. Then the paper chase begins.


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