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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday randomness

I should be working on my schoolwork for the Photoshop Elements class I'm taking from a local community college, but instead I've been messing around on Facebook and watching the Bengals, who were winning until a minute ago. Damon is at the game with his friend Kevin, even though I was supposed to go. I had a HORRIBLE migraine last night from being in the sun all day, and today I've been dealing with a "headache hangover." That is the technical term for when you have after-effects from a headache that threatens to return at any moment. Thankfully I've been able to keep it at bay. So instead of being at the opening home game, I'm here hanging out at home. Boo.

Speaking of boo, I've started decorating for fall! I bought gourds and some pumpkins yesterday and can't wait to get all the fall decorations out. You know...right after I finish my schoolwork, laundry, picking up the house, and this post, of course. (the Bengals just took the lead again) Part of the reason I love to decorate for fall is that the colors match the colors of our house, generally. I love golds and dark reds and greens - so rich looking!

I have more pictures from our weekend in Chicago...

a family picture

Wesley with his Bengals hat - "just like Daddy"

Albanese - the BEST candy store!! Now I love candy, and by love we're talking about could eat at every meal and never get tired of it...I'm not embarassed to admit my love. This store had yummy gummy bears that were so fresh and tasted great. I mean, you could taste the fruit juice in them! Other items we purchased were also delish...caramels, watermelon rings, chocolate (according to Damon). If you are ever in the area of Merrillville, Indiana, you HAVE to stop!!

Wesley and his best buddy, Duke

we're trying swimming lessons again...they are going much better than they did in the spring. I think that being outside in the pool did wonders for his confidence in the water. I think he also figured out that when we put him in the pool and let go of him we weren't trying to drown him.  

as you can see, Wesley is having a bit of trouble moving his arms and kicking at the same time (his arms are at his sides and his legs are curled up so his feet stick out of the water).

Have a wonderful week! And by the way...the Bengals won!!!


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