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Monday, June 14, 2010

lacking a good entry posting

I always wish I could come up with some witty title for each posting, but one is just not coming to me at this time. My excited am I though that our blog hit 50,000 visitors?? We have had 50,404 to be exact. Awesome!! I really don't have anything wild and exciting to say, but I'm here rattling on about nothing. Aren't you glad? :)

Miss Mya that had her heart transplant a few weeks ago could still use prayers. Her kidneys aren't returning to normal function like they should, so she's on dialysis now. The wonderful news though is that her heart isn't showing any signs of rejection!!! Doctors have said that she should be home by Independence Day if she continues to improve.

Two weeks ago, they had a fundraiser 5k run/walk for Mya and it was called "Myles for Mya." How cute is that name? Over 400 people were there to support the family!! I'll post pictures of that later.

We (meaning me, Staci) are working on the paperwork for our second adoption. At this point there isn't much we can do besides our home study, but our social worker is on vacation right now. I should be getting together the paperwork for that, but for whatever reason, I am just not feeling motivated. A similar thing happened during our last adoption where I just didn't want to do anything adoption-related. The problem is this time I feel that way at the beginning and not toward the end of the paperwork...I realized though that last time it all worked out perfectly. God had the whole situation under control, even when it felt like things could not get more out of control! If we had been meant to get our paperwork done earlier, then it would have meant that Wesley was not meant to be our son. Thankfully though, I had that sluggish feeling and we were forced to wait another year to travel to Ukraine. It's amazing how looking back I can see how God used all the things that "got in MY way" (my thoughts at the time) to ensure my reliance on Him to bring us through the adoption process. I wouldn't trade any of those tears and heartache for the world, even though I couldn't wait for the tough times to be over when we were going through them.

I could scream!! I just deleted the rest of my post & I cannot get it back. GRRRRRR...I wrote a wonderful commentary about adoption and how families approach the process differently. Now I cannot remember most of it, but here I go again...

I just got my hair cut off, and I love it! I've been wanting to go pretty short again for a long time. I'll see if I can find a picture of the previous super-spikey look. I digress...Damon and I were watching television and since nothing was on that we wanted to watch, we were scanning through all the channels. What do you know - I found my new haircut on a wrestling show! I believe the woman was a commentator, but her hair was awesome. I made Damon rewind so I could take pictures of the television. Here's the girl:
Now my hair isn't quite so spikey yet, but that is strictly because I'm still working with it. I also think my work isn't quite ready for me to come in with crazy hair :) Government finance officers aren't meant to be wild hair people, you know? Here's me post-cut and highlight: 
I would like to point out to my Mom that I didn't take this picture while driving with your Grandson in the car. I actually took it sitting in the driveway.

I still haven't gotten over deleting my post, so I'm signing off. I'll leave you with a few pictures of my little cutie!!

Wesley eating his first cheeseburger!! Bun and all!

contemplating the cheeseburger

me with my high school girlfriends at Amber and Justin's GORGEOUS wedding (Amber is obviously the one in the middle in the white dress)


The McEacherns said...

Nice! I occasionally ponder a super-short haircut. My mom looked good with one, but I look so much more like my dad than her. When I asked my husband about it, he said that he'd start calling me Jim (my dad's name) if I cut my hair off. Umm, I guess not!

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