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Saturday, June 26, 2010

vacation postings

We just got back from vacation this afternoon and for your enjoyment I typed up blog posts in word to post when we arrived home. I added pictures to the word version, and they will not transfer to the blogger site. GRRRR, so without further ado...
On our way to the top of the Lower Peninsula in Michigan, we made a stop at Frankenmuth. If you’ve never been there, here’s the gist…it’s a town of fried chicken and Christmas. (Technically I think the chicken might be broasted, but you get the picture.) Anyway,…this town is two of my favorite things, so how could we not go? My parents made the same stop we did, so here’s a breakdown of what we did.

We are dinner at Frankenmuth Bavarian Inn. I was able to get my chicken and Damon could get those weird sausages and pork products he likes so well. Seriously – who eats meat marinated in vinegar? YUCK!

Now I must admit that these are not the most flattering pictures for obvious reasons, but they are the only ones that aren’t all blurry. Wesley doesn’t stop moving unless he is asleep, and even then I would say that he doesn't stay still.

Then the much-anticipated trip to Bronner’s CHRISTmas Store!
And you are reading correctly…the WORLD’s LARGEST Christmas store!! How fun is that? Even in June!
Oh yeah – it’s that big!! I think I read that the store was over seven acres, but don’t quote me. Here are pictures from inside the store, where picture taking is “encouraged.”
Yup, it’s a doughnut!

The amazing displays above the decorations on ledges above the walkways

One section of the available Sesame Street merchandise
And this one just because I think it’s funny. What you cannot see behind the hat is a replica of Michael Jackson’s white glove. For about $70 it could be yours! (Don’t tell me you aren’t thinking of where these beauties could go on your Christmas tree)

Since we had all those pieces of chicken and sausages, we did a little more walking around after leaving Bronner’s.
Cupcakes, anyone?
A fun family picture! Wesley was obviously enjoying himself
This picture was taken mere minutes later and his mood had drastically improved.

I persuaded Damon to try the bacon mocha. I’m not sure that he loved it, but he was glad he tried it.
Try #2 at a family picture - much better
Zehnder’s is the place most famous for their chicken. Notice the chicken made of flowers out front - how cute!

At the lake!!
Not sure about this sand between the toes thing…I just want to cut in here and post last year’s picture of the first sand experience. HA HA! (Side note: I still cannot get over how much older Wesley looks!)

action shots  
How much does this kid love the water?

Now later in the evening, my mom was sitting outside with my aunt and a friend, and what do you know, a raccoon walks up and climbs a tree!!

Doesn’t he look so innocent? Pretty sure he’s not long for this world since he’s out during the evening and in a fairly populated area…
Wesley “talking” to Santa on the phone. I don’t know about you, but it looks like a bit of concern has crept into Wesley’s expression when asked if he’s been a good boy…
A fun patriotic tree
How could we not get our pictures taken in this gnome board?


Mountain Girl said...

Wesley is really getting big and so handsome! I'm glad he enjoyed the water. I can tell he loves to have family pictures made! :-)

Chris and Celeste said...

We love Frankenmuth and Bronners. We will have to make a trip there soon again. Wesley is looking so grown up:( How is his eating these days? thanks for the update.

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