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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


It has been an amazing day today, and I just cannot stop praising God! I don't think I have posted much (if anything) about this, but our friends Lora and Morgan had a little girl in March named Mya. Mya was born with "Pulmonary Atresia with Intact Ventricular Septum (PA/IVS)," which is doctor-speak for the right side of her heart didn't develop. She had open-heart surgery at six days old, but the damage had been done and her heart wasn't going to be strong enough. She has been on the transplant list since the third week of March and at 2:15 this morning, her parents received the call we had all been praying for...a heart was available!! She went into surgery mid-morning and after lunch we received word that she was off the heart lung bypass machine and doing perfectly! She has been stable and doing well since then.

I don't think I could even count how many times I have cried today! I had such a hard time getting any work done today because I just couldn't stop thinking about Mya and praying for her. We serve an amazing and awesome God!

I would like to ask you all to pray for Mya - that her body accepts the heart, that she continues to get stronger every day, andthat she is protected from viruses. Don't forget her parents too! Just as important though, I ask you to pray for the donor's family. The family made a very difficult decision in the midst of their pain, and for that so many of us are grateful. I cannot forget that we are all rejoicing while they are mourning, so please lift them up in prayer. I pray that they are able to find comfort and a peace that comes only from the Lord. There is no way to be thankful for Mya's gift without thinking of the family who lost so that Mya could live.

I ask that all of you consider organ donation when you pass on. Just so there is no question, here's what I think about my body when I die...I am celebrating in heaven with Jesus, so I could care less what happens to my earthly body! I prefer that my organs are donated, but if that is not possible, then give me to researchers or put me in the trash can - I don't care! I'm sure that will make my parents wince to read, but I honestly mean it.

Thank you again for your prayers!!


Anonymous said...

Wince, wince....wink, wink. Love you, Mom

Chris and Celeste said...

How did i miss your big announcement a few weeks ago about adopting again. So exciting.

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