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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wes at 10 ounces yesterday

Yesterday Wesley ate 10 ounces of food before lying down for his nap!! Of course I was excited, but only 90 minutes earlier he had the most awful temper tantrum at feeding therapy. We're talking the type of tantrum that we've only see about three times in the last year. He sobbed for 35 of the 50 minute therapy session, and I thought I might die of embarrassment. Good news though, I was able to talk to the therapist and get ideas on things to try. I am also happy that the crying and fit-throwing is now something we have to put up with every time we feed Wesley. The therapist said that she has families that have to deal with that EVERY time they try to feed their child. I am so thankful we don't have those issues in addition to the not eating.

We're starting to work on transitioning Wes to food that Damon and I are eating. This means we'll have to puree it or mash it up enough that he can eat it. We've been spoiled up until this point because we haven't had to pay to feed Wes because our insurance covered the cost of his PediaSure. I'll probably have to start going to the grocery more often and planning out meals a little better than I have been...

We went to a local pumpkin patch/farm, and here are a few pictures. Of course my camera died about 10 minutes after we got there, but then I could eat my caramel apple and not have to hold a camera instead!


Amy said...

whoohooo little Wes-myster! Such a great accomplishment (for everyone!)

Hugs to you all!


Anonymous said...

You are the most wonderful people in the world. I love following your blog. Please post more often. God bless your family.

Staci and Damon said...

Thank you for the compliment, but we are just regular people. I'm glad you enjoy the blog - I'm working on updating more often.

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