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Friday, October 30, 2009

eating more food every day

I just want to clarify that Wesley is eating more food every day, while Damon and I try to eat less. Yesterday he at 36 ounces!! This is HUGE! I remember just a few weeks ago when he would only eat about 2 ounces a feeding, now we're over 10. I've started keeping track of all his feedings in a journal, so if I feel discouraged, I can look back and see how far he's come.

Due to the fact that Wes is eating more each day, I called the nutritionist and she suggested we meet again and review his caloric intake. The way I figure it, we should be able to decrease from 5.5 cans per day (which we haven't been giving him) to probably around 2. I was thinking yesterday (only happens once a week or so) that he has to be getting at least the same amount of calories in the meals we feed him as he does from the cans of PediaSure.

So I went grocery shopping yesterday and it was a different type of shopping trip than I've ever had before because I was buying food specifically for Wes. I usually buy yogurt for myself and Damon, but I buy the Yoplait light 100 calorie cups. When I was looking for yogurt for Wes, I tried to find the yogurt with the highest amount of fat and calories. I also tried to buy other varieties that I wouldn't normally buy because I don't like them. I have to remember that just because I don't like it doesn't mean that Wes doesn't like it. I tend to be a picky eater (my Mom is laughing because I am a VERY picky eater) and I have to remember that he will probably like a wider variety of foods than I do.

When Wesley had his esophagus repair surgery in April, I told Damon that I would be so happy if we were able to have the g-tube removed next summer. Just six weeks ago I thought that goal was completely out of reach, but I am just know beginning to realize that it is entirely possible. Which leads me to...Matthew 19:26 - "Jesus looked at them and said, 'With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.' " I really believe that after the surgery we relied too much on ourselves and trying to make Wesley eat. Obviously that just caused him to fight us even harder and we all just ended up frustrated and feeling defeated. It was so freeing to me when I finally gave up on using my own "power" and trusted that God could take care of the eating on His own. And he did it without my help :)

Wesley with Daddy before going to a "Trunk or Treat" with his grandparents at a local church.
Who else would he dress up as? That kid LOVES Elmo!!!


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