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Saturday, October 10, 2009

feeding going well

I just had to post - Wesley ate his first whole jar of food yesterday!! He had 4 ounces of food and 1 ounce of milk. I was so excited that I nearly cried!! I remember when we could not get him to eat more than 0.50 ounces...I've been taking him to feeding therapy once a week, and I think it's helping. The therapist has really been trying to get Wes to chew food, but I just didn't think it was working. He was fighting it so hard, and it was such a stress for me and Damon. One night Damon and I were talking and we decided to focus on quantity right now and deal with chewing later. Since then Wes has quit fighting us so much, so I think the chewing will come. I figure that we can puree anything. We don't go back to the therapist for two weeks, so I'm excited to tell her his progress.
I do wish that we were able to get Wes to consistently chew, but he won't want to eat baby food forever. He is starting to be more interested in food and what we are eating. He asks to try everything that I eat, so that is great. I don't know if it's the therapy or what, but I'll take it!! I think that part of the change is because Wes has decided that he doesn't want to be fed in his stomach tube. I told him that he has to eat in his mouth or we feed him in his tube, and maybe he is getting old enough to understand it is one or the other. He wants to be a big boy, and since big boys eat with their mouth, he wants to as well.
Other than the feeding, we aren't up to much. We have started the efforts at potty training. It's tough to focus on feeding and pottying, but we're doing it. I don't know if he's quite ready for potty training, but Wes wants to wear "unnerwear" like a big boy so we're trying it.
I go to an orthpedic surgeon on Friday about my knee pain. I don't know what is wrong, but it locks when extended and grinds when bent. Going up and down the stairs in our house is a little rough, so I try to go up and down as little as possible. I am hoping not to need surgery, but who knows? Our friend who is a physical therapist said that I might have to have a knee scope, but I hope not.


adoptedthree said...

Hi Staci and Damon
Oksana and I went to the Sauerkraut festival yesterday and I thought about how we got to meet Wesley for the first time there last year. Hope all is well and what a great thing about the feeding! YOU GO WESLEY!!!


Chris and Celeste said...

Yeah for Wesley. i have heard boys potty train later than girls. How old is he? Most boys are 3 from what i hear. Hope you dont have to have surgery! yikes.

Kathi said...

Hi there. I found your blog via another adoptive family...
We have a great deal of experience in feeding, swallowing, chewing issues. One of my son's all time favorite foods that helped get away from baby food and closer to "adult" food was Marie Callendar's chicken pot pie. I would typically cook the pot pie and then put it in our food chopster ($10 @ Walmart or Walgreens) mixed with a bit of water and a jar of baby food peas. It gives you great control over consistency and as he progresses, you can change the chunkiness to match. They are also very high in calories which is good when you're struggling with consumption quantity. I hope that helps! Feel free to contact me if you want more of our tried and true favorites. :)

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