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Monday, June 8, 2009

I will post an update soon (I promise)

Thank you to everyone who has been checking for an update! I promise to post one in the next few days. We are all doing well, and Wesley is healthier than he's ever been! Eating is an issue though, but I'll post about that later.


Cositas hechas con el corazon said...

i have been around here every single day... but like everybody says... "no news are good news" so, i knew the boy was doing great.
But i want to know the details!!
(im a long time reader but like a lot of people, one of the anonimous) Im from Argentina and im off the closet right now! hahah :)
I have a blog also, just very very new.
(sorry for my engligh, i speak spanish)

The McEacherns said...

Looking forward to it!

Nancy and Talley said...

Yes!!! An update! Or something like that... good to hear you guys are doing well :-)
~From another anonymous reader.

MamaPoRuski said...

Hmmm, what a way to keep us guessing! Hope the next update has pics too... LOL! HUGS and God Bless!

Sara said...

I'm afraid i'm gonna just repeat the same words from another readers, and i have to sorry for my english, too...
I'm another anonymous reader and I visited your blog almost every day; i'm happy to know you all are doing well. My mom and me prayed for Wesley's surgery and health, and we love see how beautiful boy he is becoming.
Sara, from Brazil

Anonymous said...

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