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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

two weeks home (tomorrow night)

It still feels wonderful to be home! The last time I was this happy to be at home was after returning from Ukraine!! We're back to work and back into the swing of things. I am always surprised how much work piles up when you are out of the office for even a few days. I am getting caught up now though.
Wesley has been eating (even though it is not nearly as much as Damon and I would like). I think the reason is because he never has the chance to experience "hunger" and food filling that hunger. I tried to turn off his pump an hour or so before we tried to feed him by mouth, but that doesn't seem to make a big difference. We have also learned that Wes will not eat by mouth when other people are around. I am not sure what's up with that, but I figure that the distraction may be too much to handle. It isn't like eating actually holds his attention, so it's not too difficult to distract him.
Wes goes to the doctor Tuesday. I pray that the doctor tells us that we can begin bolus feedings (this would be feeding with a syringe, using gravity to get the food into his stomach as we were doing before surgery). This would allow us to feed him only as much as needed through the stomach tube, as we work on getting oral feedings to be the main source of nutrition. I wouldn't mind if he were on the pump at night, but the daytime pump has to go (and I'll tell the doctor that too). I'll update as soon as we know more.
Here are a few pictures from the last few weeks...

Wesley was learning how to ride the bike he got for his birthday (I did have to keep him from riding down the driveway on it though)

Wesley was "helping" Daddy mow the lawn

Wesley hanging out on the front porch (he only sat down for a minute)

Wesley and his Daddy

This was the look Wes gave me the last few days in the hospital - to me it means "seriously, how long do I have to be here?"

Wesley watching television with Duke

look at those beautiful blue eyes - I love them!

Wesley helping Mom and Dad with yard work

Wesley "smiling" (even though it looks more like a sneer)

I thought this shot showed how well Wesley has been healing. The incision on his stomach still has the surgical tape on it, but it is starting to fall off.


Chris and Celeste said...

Staci he is such a cutie. So glad he is healing well. Happy Mother's Day!

cara said...

I am so glad to hear Wesley is doing well! Keep posting

The McEacherns said...

So glad to hear that Wes is doing well. And it's nice to see his little neck in pictures! (I'm sure you appreciate that much more than the rest of us!)

Hey, I noticed that you have a Graco Nautilus carseat. I was thinking of getting them since they cover such a big age/size range, and we don't know how big our kids will be. How do you like yours? Any problems, suggestions?Thanks!

Happy Belated Mother's Day! Blessings!

Staci and Damon said...

We LOVE the Graco Nautilus carseat! We purchased it since we didn't know what age child we woulg get. The seat is good for 15-100 pounds and is like 3 seats in one! We returned another seat we had purchased for the truck to get a second seat like the first.

The only trouble we've had is that it was tough to get it in my car the first time. I have an older car (1998) and the car wasn't made with the car seat hooks like cars have now. So I would say that we would have had the trouble with any car seat, not just this one.

Christine said...

Yeah--- Wesley looks great! You guys are all amazing! Can't wait for an update!

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