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Friday, June 12, 2009

FINALLY - an picture update!

I will post a written update soon, but I figure that you probably enjoy the pictures more than my words :)
first professional photograph -
Staci's parent's favorite picture

my favorite picture

Wesley blowing dandelions (yes, he did stick them in his mouth - yuck!!)

family picture -
Damon, Staci, Doda (Staci's Mom), Pawpaw (Staci's Dad), Wesley, Uncle Scott, Emily (Scott's girlfriend)
Wesley and Uncle Scott in front of a bear at Legs Inn restaurant

family picture at Legs Inn overlooking Lake Michigan

tee pee in front of the Legs Inn restaurant in Cross Village, Michigan. Damon loves this restaurant that serves Polish food!

Wesley was SOAKING WET! I would have taken off his t-shirt, but I didn't think he would go all the way into the water. I thought he would play in the sand...

Wesley showing determination to climb onto the dock from in the water

Wesley LOVED the water!
What could taste better than a little lake water?

running up and down the dock

still hating the sand between his toes

Wesley HATED the sand on the beach at the lake. Once he got used to it, he was fine.

Wesley was wide awake as we left home for vacation (it was 3:30am)

riding his new car in the garage as I packed the truck for vacation

sitting patiently (sort of) during dinner

family picture at the reception (I think the photographer's finger was in front of the flash)

waiting for the reception to start (we tried to run him around outside to burn off some energy)

the first wedding that Wesley attended (congratulations, Jessica and Colin) - Wesley did sit with us through the ceremony, and he only spoke out loud during the minister's prayer when he said his own prayer.

waiting for the ceremony to start

he put his sunglasses on all by himself

mowing the lawn just like Daddy with the hat and everything

Wesley and his buddy Duke

telling me he was "all done" at the emergency room (his stomach tube came out, so we had to go to emergency room to have it replaced. I was not happy because I had to pay $150 copay for a doctor to do what I could have done myself with a new tube in about 3 minutes - not 3 hours!!)

drinking water outside
the new "unhappy" look
because strong men just pick up their lawnmowers to move them


The McEacherns said...

He's getting so big! Looks like the surgery didn't keep him down for very long!

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