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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

thank you!

Thank you everyone for your prayers and words of encouragement! I am feeling much more positive about the surgery change now. The more time I had to think about it, the more I realized that the fall might even be a better time than the spring. If the surgery were to be in late spring/summer, then how would I keep a two year-old down and resting instead of running around outside and playing?? In the fall/winter we stay home more than the summer, so it gives us time to rest and work on feeding by mouth. Damon and I are also desperate to go on a vacation (Ukraine was NOT a vacation by any means), so we'll have time to do that.
Another consideration is that Damon and I will be able to use another 12 weeks of FMLA leave (Family Medical Leave Act) after mid-July. Damon used all of his time and I used almost all of my time with the adoption, so we can be sure that we have the time to spend with Wes after surgery and at home without rushing back to work.


A later surgery date also gives us time to prepare - with our jobs and also with teaching Wesley to eat. The doctor thinks that the better he can eat before surgery, the less transition there will be after.


So thank you to everyone who said a prayer for us! My attitude about the whole thing has been changed, and I am content now going with the flow. I know that God has everything planned out, and I am trusting Him.


Anonymous said...

Happy 2nd Birthday to Wesley! We love you bunches!
Grandma and Grandpa

Erika said...

Your baby is just soooo sweet!

Christine said...

Hang in there. Wesley is going to be healed in God's perfect timing. I can so realte to your feelings.... our son Dennis is undergoing a major surgery this WEdnesday to address scra tissue on both sides of his face, fix his cleft lip, and possible address hie eye. Still the outcome is unknown.

Did I read that you were adopting again? Ukraine? Just wondering how far along you are in the process.

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