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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

I love this picture - Wes looks like he's deep in thought. (He was actually watching a truck plow the parking lot)
We're home from our Super Bowl party, so we're watching it at home (GO CARDINALS!!). I guess that's how it works with a two year-old! Wes started to melt down, so we decided to pack it up before it became a full-flown mess. He doesn't seem to get cranky when he's with us and he gets tired, but when he is around other children, he turns into a whiny mess. Not sure why...
We survived the big snow here last week (probably only 8" or so, but the ice underneath the snow was the problem). Wes was supposed to have an appointment on Wednesday with the surgeon, but the hospital called and canceled it. We had already left to head to Cincinnati (almost three hours early), but they called us about 30 minutes after we left home (we were less than 10 miles from home). Our appointment has been rescheduled to this Wednesday, so hopefully we'll know more then. Here is what the roads looked like on Wednesday about 11am. This is actually a fairly heavily-traveled road...
I see that our poll on where we should adopt from next has closed. It looks like the winner is Ukraine or another Eastern European country with 55% of the vote. The runners-up were the United States at 31%, Asia at 11%, Africa at 10%, and South America at 5%. We actually haven't decided yet, but it is something we're talking about. I'll post when we've made a decision - please pray for us about this. It's such a big decision, and we don't take it lightly.
Wes hanging out watching "Super Why." His new thing is always putting his hands in his pockets like he's cool. Wesley showing me his sock monkey Wes and Daddy at dinner Friday night Katie with my scarf on. I put it on her because it just came out of the dryer, and she LOVES to be wrapped up in things that are warm.

Friday night I cleaned out pantry. I have actually never taken everything out and cleaned it! When we moved in, my Mom and friends put things away for us, so I had never had the chance to get it organized like I wanted. Now I know what food I actually have!!


Mountain Girl said...

Will be waiting for your decision on where to adopt from next. Wesley is such a doll! I'm always glad when I see you've updated. Loved the snow pictures. I live in CO and we haven't had hardly any snow this year - so far!

The Brooks Family said...

Matt grew up with Bostons and they always loved to be wrapped in warm things too - such a cute picture. I love Wesley with his hands in his pockets, he's hilarious! It's looking like North Dakota out there! I heard schools were canceled for 4 days - that ice must've been pretty bad. I LOVE your organized pantry, that must feel amazing!!

Mandy said...

Staci -
Just wanted to tell you that I LOVE reading your blog! Wesley is just adorable and some of his "quirks" remind me of our Alex, whom we brought home from Ukraine in Oct. Alex has started a "lovely" quirk of his own - he does this hissing/growling noise if he doesn't want somebody to look at him. I noticed it happens out in public, and like Wesley, a group of toddlers can send him into overdrive. I wonder if it reminds them of the orphanage?
I will praying you find your next child soon! Can't wait to read about it!

LisaMarie said...

Wes does look pretty cool with his hands in his pockets...

And the pantry looks great! I wish mine was that organized...oh wait, it was, like 4 weeks ago. And now it's a mess again! LOL!

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