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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday, Wesley!! (and other exciting news)

Wesley turned two on Thursday, so we had a birthday party with the Grandparents this afternoon. He still isn't into opening gifts, but I am sure by next year he'll enjoy it more. Wes loved the tickle me Cookie Monster Damon and I got him. We let Wes have his own cupcake, but he only had a few bites of icing. He spent a lot of time stabbing it with a fork though.

As Wes and I were going grocery shopping on Thursday, I got a call on my cell phone from Cincinnati Children's. The call was from Wesley's surgeon's scheduler. She asked me if I could call and move up the MRI scheduled in mid-April to the first week of April. Before I said I would call and change it, she said that the surgeon wanted to meet with us the second week of April, then his surgery would be on the 17th. It took me a second to catch my thoughts, and all I could say was "the surgery on his esophagus?" The scheduler said "yes," and I know she was wondering if I was an airhead. Apparently the surgeon decided that we didn't have to wait until later in the year for Wesley's repair surgery!!

Of course I was in complete shock after the phone call! We don't know at this point why the surgeon decided to move up the surgery, but he is supposed to call Damon. I wonder if is because we told the surgeon that we had already been working on teaching Wes to eat, so he thought - why wait? I'm curious to find out the reason though.

It's taken me a while, but I've come to grips with the change again. So we have two months until NO MORE SPIT OUT WESLEY"S NECK!! I am not excited about Wesley having to go through a very difficult and complicated surgery, but I am excited for what his life will be like after the surgery. It will be a difficult few months after the surgery, but we'll make it.

Please pray for us as we prepare for the surgery with work schedules, teaching Wesley to eat by mouth, Wesley's health before and after surgery.

a family picture (amazing - we are actually all smiling!)

blowing out the birthday candles (Grandma had to hold his hands back so he didn't touch the candles)

digging into the cake with his fork

the cake though - not so much

wiping the cupcake on his face

riding in his new wagon with his sock monkey


Amy said...

Wow! That is wonderful news!
And a very happy birthday to little Wes! Isn't it like midnight there?? Go to bed!!!

Take care and enjoy the beginning of the "wonderful twos!"


Anonymous said...

Excellent family photo! He is a very lucky little boy to have a family that loves him so much. He is a blessing to all of us.
Grandma and Grandpa

Tami said...

YEA!!!! What a wonderful birthday present! So glad you're not going to wait so long after all.
Happy Birthday Wesley! :)

DoveFamily said...

HappY Birthday Wesley!

What exciting news - keep us posted, and know we'll be praying.


Stefanie said...

Hey Staci, Great news! So glad its sooner rather than later. I'm sure the feeding routine wears on you! So glad for you all!


adoptedthree said...

Happy Birthday Wesley!

So many fun adventures await you as you turn two! So many things to explore and learn!

LisaMarie said...

This is such great news Staci! Happy Birthday Wes! He is so adorable with his little fork!

Drew and Rita said...

Happy Birthday, darling boy. We are excited for the surgery. Rita

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