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Saturday, November 1, 2008

still wonderful weather in Ohio

The weather here in Ohio is still so wonderful. Today the temperature was over 70 degrees and sunny all day! Wesley and I went to the park before running errands, and of course I brought my camera :) I was hoping to get a good picture for adoption announcements, and the best I got was the second picture down. I don't know if it is what I am looking for...such a big decision (not that big though), and I'm having trouble making it.
Working from home is going well so far. I usually work during Wesley's nap, a few evenings, and Sunday afternoons. I go to work three days a week, and I look forward to doing that. I always thought I would want to stay home full-time, but now I think that part-time out of the house is good for me. I enjoy the people I work with, and I also enjoy what I do. My mom watches Wesley two days and Damon watches him one day. I don't have to worry about him at all, so I am able to focus on work. I look forward to going home at the end of the day, but I do enjoy it while I am there. I think if I disliked my job I might feel differently about staying home, but it is a personal choice that works for now.
Wesley goes to the pediatrician tomorrow for the first time. We didn't select one before leaving for Ukraine, and we've put off finding one after getting home. I figure that he probably needs a flu shot, so we're going to get one and just to have a general check-up. Each of the other doctors that we take Wesley to is very specialized, so the pediatrician is more for general health.
On Monday Wesley goes to a cardiologist and a pulmonologist. The heart and lungs are the last two things to check before the doctors determine that esophageal atresia is Wesley's only health concern. We look forward to either ruling those out or determining a course of action to deal with heart and lung issues. Preliminary findings indicate that Wesley does not have heart or lung problems, but the doctors will determine that for sure. After these appointments, we won't have too many until the surgery - YAHOO!!
We had an appointment with a speech therapist last week. When we first came home, it was determined that Wes was only at 9 months developmentally in the speech department. Personally I thought he was further along than that, but I figured we should have him checked out. As I suspected, the therapist said that he was right on track with his age. I was a little surprised that he has caught up to his age so quickly - I mean, we've only been home 7 weeks!!! He is picking up words right and left, but his favorite word by far is "Katie." Katie is our Boston Terrier who avoids Wesley because he is so rough with her. She is 8 years old and prefers not to have a 20 month-old falling on her or squeezing her (aka giving her a hug). He seems to think though that any animal is Katie, so we're working on that.
I hope everyone got out and voted yesterday. I actually didn't have to wait at all and I went after work at 5:00p! Damon went earlier in the day and the wait was over an hour unless you voted out in the open instead of in a booth. I won't lie - the person I voted for did not win, but I am hopeful that Barack Obama can turn things around financially in the United States. I took Wesley with me to vote and the whole drive to the polling place, I explained to him how important it is to vote in every election. I told him about how people died to give us that freedom, how it is the only way to change things for the better, etc, etc, and he just stared at me from the backseat. I guess maybe he'll understand when he grows up!
I hope everyone has a good week! And if you are having good weather still - get out and enjoy it while it lasts!! Christmas will be here before we know it...49 days!! Is that an excuse to go shopping? I think it might be :)

the tongue out means he is having fun (or being mischievous)
my mom got Wesley this shirt and when he wears it, he constantly points at the dog and says "Katie"
crying because I told him not to touch the trash can
Wesley was a horse for Halloween - thank you so much for the costume, Dianne!!!


DoveFamily said...

What a cute little horse he was! I'll be praying as you guys go for more doctor's visits. It's wonderful how well he's doing developmentally.

I also took William with me to vote on Tuesday. Being 6 years old and being home for almost a year now, he understood a little more of it. We talked all morning about the candidates and how the person that "won" would be in charge of America for a while. After voting, we each got a sticker and he told Daddy who he voted for (same person we had both voted for, but like you, not the winner). The day has now past, and though the outcome wasn't what I had prayed for, I will now pray for our new leader and for the wellbeing of our country.

Chris and Celeste said...

Staci, I love the picture of Wesley on the swing smiling. He is soo cute. You are so blessed. Exciting news about his speech!

Conethia and Jim Bob said...


I hope that no other problems arise with little Wesley. It's great to hear that he is doing well and progressing wonderfully. My prayers are with him.

I like the last picture of him with the towel over his head.

Tami said...

Cute, cute, cute, cute, CUTE!!! He is such a sweetie. I second the vote on him in the swing. It is absolutely precious.
I'm glad you'll have a break in the doctor's appointments. It can be so draining.

The Dull Family said...

he's so precious! i'm so glad that he is doing well developmentally and i will be praying for him during his future doctor's appointments.

adoptedthree said...

Just too precious he is! Love the little costume :)

LisaMarie said...

I think you have two potential pictures there! He's such a cute little kid!

I love that he calls all things Katie. I worry that Morrie and Maggie won't love Max when we bring him home. They're not too keen on our niece because she used to hit and kick them. Morrie will sit still and let her pet him, but you can just tell he doesn't like it.

Oh well, we'll see. It's funny that Duke likes him but Katie doesn't....

Amy said...

What a cutie!
He looks so happy on the swing!

It is amazing how quick words can be picked up and used! Like a little sponge!
He looked adorable for Halloween!


Kathy and Matt said...

Wesley is such an adorable little guy. Every picture, he just seems so happy and healthy!

Hope you continue to get good news about how to treat him.

Loved the Halloween costume!

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