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Sunday, April 27, 2008

changes in UA adoption

Things with adoption in Ukraine right now are up in the air for some people. Rumor has it that a law has been passed preventing singles from adopting and married couples from adopting a child more than 45 years younger than the oldest parent. As far as I can tell, nothing has been confirmed yet. I know that some people say that it has passed, but since Cathy Harris hasn't confirmed it, I highly doubt these other people know more than she would know! So until I receive word from Cathy, I do choose not to believe the rumors.
Please pray for all those already in the process (especially my friend Kendall - her blog is listed to the right) and for all the children who may not end up with a forever home. It breaks my heart to think of all the children who might not receive a better life outside of the orphanage!!
We have booked our flight to Kyiv in July! Every time we get a little bit closer in the process, I think "wow - we are really doing this." I don't think that because I have changed my mind - it's just that this is something I have wanted to do for so long that I have trouble believing that my dreams are coming true (becoming a Mom and adopting a child).
I have been emailing every day to Vicki. She and her husband have an appointment the same day as we do. It's great to share information with someone who is at the same step in the process as you are.


LeFemmeMonkita said...

Best of luck to you! Hopefully, we're following in your footsteps! (Submitted April 15). This is our second adoption, and I think I'm just as nervous as the first time.

I'll be excited to read about your journey!

Missy said...

Actually the new law is listed on the embassy website as being passed on 4/24. Being a single who thought her children were in Ukraine, this news is saddening. But I'm sure God has another plan for me and all the other singles.

Tonya said...

Hi! I'm over from Michelle's.

We adopted our daughter in Deceber of 2006. She is three now and she is a huge, adorable mess.

Congrats on your appointment. I remember the day we got ours. I was crying and hyperventalating so badly that my poor husband thought something awful had happened. But after almost two years of waiting (not to mention the 7 years I thought and prayed about it before we actually started the process), I think a little hyperventalating was in order.

You are in for the ride of your life:):):). Enjoy it!

David & Monica said...

Such a sad decision regarding singles. I raised my daughter for 14 years by myself until I was so blessed as to recently marry a wondderful guy. It was tough at times but all parenting is. One person to love a child wholeheartedly is all a child really needs. And to deprive a child of this breaks my heart. Does your friend vicky have a blogspot??

Irina said...

It is unfair! Where is it possible to read this law?

Kendall said...

How exciting that you actually booked your tickets! July will be here before you know it. I'm still holding out hope that I may be there right after you. The embassy posted wrong information last year, its possible they did it again!

Either way, I will be following your blog and praying that you have a good trip and an easy adoption.

Thank you for keeping me in your prayers. I know something good will come of it!

Three Austins said...

WOW - how exciting!! I am so glad you are a blogger so we can keep in contact:) We'll be thinking of you guys and hoping for the best outcome!!!

Ashley said...

Yes, the president has already signed this and it came into effect immediately. This means, people that already had appointments can no longer come. Heartbreaking for these especially that already formed bonds with their chidren and the children have been waiting for them to come.

Congratulations on your appointment! This is so exciting that you will be traveling soon!

Thanks for visiting our blog!

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