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Saturday, May 3, 2008

what's in a name?

Thursday night Damon and I went to dinner at our favorite local Mexican restaurant. Every time that we go, we talk about visiting our friends who are missionaries in Puebla, and Damon is ready to go back to visit. we are eating our chips and salsa, Damon said "I can't wait to go to Mexico with Trent." I said "who?" and Damon replied (in a sarcastic tone) "our son."
Now I don't know if I've talked about this before, but it took us a LONG time to agree on names for our children (as we plan on changing their first names). I can assure you though, the boy's name we agreed on was not Trent (short for Trenton), even though that was one of the two finalists. So apparently I have been telling people that we are naming our son Wesley, while Damon has been telling people we are naming him Trenton. So I guess we need to decide on a name (again). It's pretty funny though because I thought that was one of the things we had "nailed down" in the large amount of unknowns in international adoption :)
In news entirely unrelated, we have accepted an offer on our home! I realize that our home has been for sale for about 2 months now, but I never seriously considered the fact that it might sell and we would have to move! (Sometimes I just don't think things through...) I don't mean to sound like such an airhead, but I didn't think the house was likely to sell based on market conditions.
I am actually pretty sad about leaving this house. It was our first home together, and it is finally the way we always wanted it to look!! If I am totally honest though, I am afraid of change. I feel like we are changing our lives so much with the adoption, and I feel overwhelmed as it is. I guess I should have thought of that before we put the house on the market :)
So we have to begin searching for a new home to move into before we leave for our appointment in 73 days. We have to be out of our house by June 15th, so we have some work to do! Better get back to house-hunting on the internet. How did people do it before?


Tami said...

Wow! That DID sell pretty quick! :)
Haha! You sound just like Shad and I. We had to spend an all-nighter negotiating our oldest son's the time we got to the middle two we just took turns naming them. You should have seen what all we went through in naming Maddie! I'm soooo glad we're done having kids...I don't think I could go through that again! :)

Susan & Truman said...

Oh my, you do have your hands full with all you have to do before your trip. At least it will make your last 73 days fly by. Will you now have to update your homestudy? By the way, you told us you were naming your son Wesley...and Damon was right there and didn't argue! Score one point for your side! :)

adoptedthree said...

Hey Staci
Let's try to get together while you are still in the area before it gets too hectic moving and setting up the new place!

(PS I am partial to Wesley as that is my brothers name :)


Christine said...

Congrats on your home!

Heidi & Felix said...

I saw your name on the front page of My Family today - Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary!

I bet the days are flying by!! Best of luck preparing for your SDA appointment.


Kevin and Krista said...

Maybe it is a sign that you will get two sons. ;)

We have a hard time agreeing too. I think we are going to have to wait until we meet the kids.

:) Krista

Melissa E. said...

I have the perfect solution!
Bring home a Trenton AND a Wesley! :-)

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