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Friday, February 12, 2010

Wesley's 3rd birthday!

Today is Wesley's third birthday!! I have always made fun of people who talked about how time flies, but IT REALLY DOES!! I realized that in two months, Wesley will have been with us longer than he was in the orphanage in Ukraine. I think we might have a party for that day too!

Here the fun cake from The Cakery. Several of our friends suggested it (in particular - thanks, Lisa), and man, it is delicious!! Let me explain the blue fire truck...Wesley LOVES anything related to the rescue services (police, fire, ambulance), and a township near us has blue fire trucks, which Wes never fails to notice. When I talked with him before ordering his cake, he asked for a blue fire truck. Then he added that he also wanted a barn, a tractor, an ambulance, and a cat, but I pretended like I didn't hear the rest of his list.

We got Wes a birthday cupcake to eat on his birthday since the cake is for the party tomorrow (see pictures below)
Wes acted at first like he had no idea what to do with the cupcake.

Why get your hands messy when you don't have to? I mean - the dogs eat like this.

He figured out how to eat it!! (What excited me even more though is that HE ACTUALLY ENJOYED IT!!!)

How sweet is that smile?

and another picture of the enjoyment

And just a little more...until he told me right after this picture that he was tired of eating and needed to go to bed. (How can I blame him? Who doesn't want to go to bed after a wonderful dessert?) 

Happy Birthday, Wesley!!!!

Mommy and Daddy love you so much and we love sharing our lives with you!!


MamaPoRuski said...

Wow! You are so blessed with him! I love him putting himself to bed! So precious! Happy Birthday!

Jill said...

Happy Birthday Wesley! What a handsome boy!

Jill said...


Stefanie and Bill said...

Happy Birthday Wes!! We wish we were around to take you to Bounce U to celebrate with you!
Love, William, Patrick, Peter, and Joseph

Chris and Celeste said...

happy birthday wes, so happy you have a family. you are a sweet little boy and so handsome.

Zack, Jenn and William said...

Hope it was a great birthday for your little man!!

Tim & Rita said...

Happy Belated Birthday Wesley.

Staci - we have thought about you all many times while we are here in Ukraine.

adoptedthree said...

Three already! WOW! Happy Birthday you lucky little guy that is a cool cake!

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