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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

first time playing in the snow

So it has been snowing like crazy here in Ohio. I've enjoyed being inside in comfortable clothes (except when I'm at work), but I think I'm getting ready for spring. There is only so much that will entertain an almost three year-old in the house. If Wes had his way though, he would watch Elmo, Sesame Street and Charlotte's Web all day long. Last week I took him to Bounce U, so he was worn out for the day. Bounce U is a place with a bunch of inflatable jumpy things (that is the technical term), slides, obstacle courses, etc. Just the two of us went, and Wes didn't want to jump around by himself, so I jumped too. WOW - I thought I was in shape, but I was worn out after two hours! 

We finally got Wesley a pair of snow pants (at Gap for only $7.00!), but a I was going to let him out in the snow last week, I realized we forgot to get snow boots. Try and find those in February. Instead we got him a pair of rain boots and put on two pairs of Damon's wool socks, which worked well. All three of us went out to shovel the driveway after work yesterday, but Wes and I only spent about 15 minutes outside. He got some snow between the top of his gloves and his coat sleeves, and it was all over. Cannot say I blame him because it's not like I enjoyed the snow myself.

Here is where things started to go awry...(and yes, I was trying to get him to sled in the trash can lid)

and continued to go downhill

here is where we had enough and went inside

I think it is going to snow more toward the weekend, so maybe he can go out again and just shovel. Wes enjoyed shoveling, but he didn't get snow all over him like he did playing in the yard.

My knee surgery is finally going to happen next week. I am glad that I scheduled it because my knee is locking up more and the swelling is getting out of control. Hopefully it's just an easy repair and the doctor doesn't find more wrong than my meniscus tear...we'll know soon enough.

Wesley's third birthday is Friday! We're having a little party on Saturday with the Grandparents. I'm not sure if Wes is going to eat cake or not, but we're going to try. I gave him a taste of brownie the other day and he said "yum," so maybe he's learning to like sweets.

Speaking of eating, we're still working on the chewing, but definitely seeing improvement. I don't think that Wes enjoys eating yet, but he doesn't hate it like he previously did. I still struggle with how anyone could dislike eating because I LOVE to eat!!!

Wesley had a swallow study done two weeks ago, and there was no narrowing or constriction in his esophagus. This is great news because so many children with this same repair have to have many dilations to open up the esophagus in the first year after surgery. We will go and have an appointment with the surgeon later this month. Then we get to talk about taking out the g-tube!!

Work for me has been going okay. I am so thankful for the great people I work with who help me see the humor in the situations and make me laugh. I am lucky to work with some wonderful people!!

I'll leave you with a picture of a little boy and his dog watching a favorite movie. The tow of them sit like this all the time!


Chris and Celeste said...

Wes is looking so much older, especially in the picture with his doggy. Hope surgery goes well for you!

Annette said...

Such a cute picture. I was reading your banner and realized how long it's been that he's been home with you guys! That's crazy how time flies....

The Brooks Family said...

Aww, a boy and his doggie. What a sweet picture.

cara said...

This will stop the snow from getting into his sleeves (if you get snow again). Take an old pair of socks, put them on Wesley's hands, mark where his thumb is. Take them off and cut a small whole for thumb and put them on under his gloves and coats-works great and is cheap!!!

Anonymous said...
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