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Friday, December 4, 2009

talk about the jolly guy in the red suit

Tomorrow is the big breakfast with Santa! Wesley has been excited to see Santa this year, but I don't know that he "gets" the whole Christmas theme. Which leads me to something my girlfiends and I were discussing tonight...what is the best way to handle the role of Santa in Christmas? I want him to know that Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus but at the same time I know how exciting it is to think about Santa bringing gifts on Christmas morning. Its a little tough because all of our friends are handling the situation differently, so when the kids are all old enough to talk to each other more, they'll be able to put the pieces together. What's a parent to do? We could definitely use some advice!!

I could really use prayers regarding my work lately. It's a difficult time right now for my employer, so to say that the situation is hostile might be an understatement...I am just struggling to conduct myself in an honest and upright manner befiting a Christian. Others are saying many things that are not true and trying to destroy the reputation of many hardworking, wonderful people. Please just pray that those spreadsing mistruths are exposed and those of us working for a cause will stay strong and keep our sense of humor. I am not sure I can say much more than that.

Thank you!!!

family picture for Thanksgiving (better than the previous one I posted)

Wesley LOVED jumping off the trailer. He would jump off and climb right back on to do it again.


kaylapearson said...

You have a beautiful family I look forward to reading more from you as time allows me.Our son was also born with esophageal atresia

Chris and Celeste said...

Both my husband and i grew up believing in Santa Claus, however, we decided to tell our children that Santa isn't real, but based on the fact there was a man who gave children presents called St. Nick but we don't want to lie to them. So we celebrate Jesus' birthday and talk about the Christmas story and focus more on that. It really only comes up when they see a Santa on the corner. My kids were also terrified of Santa when they were tiny so we never did the sitting on Santa's knee thing. It is a hard decision to make. We have told them too that some children believe in santa so we need to not talk about it at church and school.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

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