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Saturday, November 14, 2009

visit to the nutritionist & feeding therapy

I took Wes to the nutritionist on Wednesday morning. She looked at the feeding "diary" we've been keeping of what food Wes eats by mouth and when and was pleased with his progress. She said that we could cut down Wesley's tube feeding from 5.5 cans per day to 2 cans. Of course I was happy to hear that, but we've still got a way to go.

Feeding therapy this week did not go much better than the last time. I was thankful that he didn't scream and cry the whole time, but by saying that though, I am not implying that he ate. We are going to try one more face-to-face meeting, but if he won't eat in front of her, then we're just going to do phone conversations. He is learning to eat and chew, so the goal is being achieved.
I typed those last paragraphs over a week ago, and I went in the next day and finished with a big ol' long post. Somehow though, it wouldn't post and I lost the whole thing. I have been mad at blogspot, so I haven't gotten on here to type again.

Now I cannot remember what I was blogging about...On Election Day, a local issue I spent many hours on was defeated two to one. I'm not upset any more, but I spent the two days after very depressed. I think now that the voters weren't quite sure how the issue would affect them, but I guess it's a learning experience. Sometimes I wish I didn't have to experience disappointing circumstances, but then I wouldn't realize how great the rewarding experiences are. God knows what He's doing.

Wesley is continuing to eat well. He loves for me to get a piece of fried chicken from the grocery deli and tear it apart for him. He's gotten over being afraid to eat chicken because it will "peck his hand." He also is quite the fan of brisket (or "cow" as he calls it), but we really don't have that very often unless we go to City Barbecue - YUM. Mommy and Daddy like it a lot too!

My knee has been getting worse (louder grinding, more swelling, even bruising from the swelling), so I have an MRI scheduled for Wednesday. I meet with the doctor on Friday to get the results. We'll know for sure soon, but it looks like my meniscus might be torn. I am praying that it is just one side and not both. If both sides are torn, they could be fixed with one surgery, but recovery will be longer.

We've already started our Christmas shopping. Last year I waited too long, but I'm already getting in the spirit, so I figured why not? When I went grocery shopping this morning, they were playing Christmas music in the store and the workers were wearing Santa hats. Might just be a little too early for the hats...Even though Wesley is already talking about going to see Santa. Last year he was terrified of Santa, but a few weeks ago we were in a shop and Wes yelled out "Santa." He was pointing at a little figurine of the big guy, and I was shocked he even remembered who he was.

Happy Birthday, Damon!!!
Hopefully your Buckeyes pull out a win for you today...

Here are a few more Halloween pictures. I love the one where Wes is walking with Damon and looking back at me. He was upset that I wasn't taking him, but they only went to a few houses. I then took him to a few as well. All he talked about though is raccoons scaring him (don't know what that's about, but it probably has to do with some sort of mask) and a hand scaring him. Damon told him to stick his hand in a bowl where a hand grabs you as soon as you touch the candy. Hopefully he' not scarred for life.


Jill said...

Cute Halloween pictures! I am glad that Wes is eating better. We still struggle with Keith. It's been a year since we brought him home and he's still on pureed food.

Courtney said...

If you've got a crock-pot, you can do brisket super-easy. Stick a brisket in your crockpot, smear it with a tablespoon of mustard and dump a packet of onion soup mix on it (don't add any liquids). Then cook it on low overnight. Skim off the fat, shred it, sauce it how you like and you'll have one happy little boy! :)

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