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Thursday, April 23, 2009

hanging out in a hospital room (day 8)

Wesley was moved out of ICU yesterday afternoon - Praise the Lord!! He is looking and acting so much more like himself that's it isn't easy to keep him occupied. I mean - there is only so much for a two year-old to do in bed for over a week, but television seems to work wonders. Now I do feel a little bit bad about letting him watch so much television and videos, but if I were in the hospital after a major surgery, what would I do? Probably watch television, and maybe read a book. Since Wesley's reading skills are right up there with his age, we're left with tv.
Wesley was able to get out his femoral line and the right side chest drain tube today. Tomorrow he has the contrast study/dye test to determine if there are any leaks in the connections of his digestive tract. Please pray that all has healed as it should. If there are no leaks, then Wesley will slowly be able to eat and drink!!! If there are leaks, then he has to wait until those heal closed on their own. I will update as soon as I know anything.

I was able to sleep at home last night, and I feel like a new person! I had forgotten how great it was to sleep in a nice king size bed without monitors beeping and nurses coming in every hour. I felt a little guilty about leaving Wes here, but I thought it was probably best for all our sakes for me to get some decent sleep. I am back here now, and I have a feeling that the little baby across the hall crying is going to keep me up tonight (just like it kept Damon up last night)...


Yesterday afternoon I was able to meet fellow blogger Connie and her daughter Sydnee here at Cincinnati Children's. Connie and her husband adopted two children from Ukraine six years ago. They weren't able to meet Wes as he had just fallen asleep (FINALLY!), but since they come to Cincinnati often, I hope we can meet up again. Her blog is


smiling at Doda (Grandma) and Pawpaw (Grandpa)

kicked back watching Elmo


Anonymous said...

Hi Staci,

I adopted a little boy from the Ukraine last spring. I have some Russian dvds and cds I would be more than happy to share some with you. If you feel it might help your little angel feel better and less bored while watching russian speaking dvd ( cartoons, etc.) please email me privately at We live in Pennsylvania and I will be happy to mail you the Russian cartoons. In any case may God bless you and you son.

DoveFamily said...

So glad that your little man is feeling better. Don't feel guilty about the tv, your job is to keep him calm and comfortable right now! Praying that all goes well today.


Kevin & Pam said...

Glad to see Wes healing! You did the right thing going home to get a "real" night sleep! One night over in the hospital was enough for me to be a reck!

Vince , Shelly and Maddie said...

We're glad he's doing so well and that he's out of the ICU. We'll continue to keep him in our prayers.

We leave for Ukraine in about 90 minutes. (Here we go!)

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