Actually it's from Ohio to Ukraine, back to Ohio, then to China

Friday, August 22, 2008

enjoying our home in Ohio

We've been home for a few days now, and it's been great!! When I first laid down on our bed at home, I thought it felt "too soft," but now it's just right! The dogs were very excited for us to be home, but Duke decided he was mad at us for about two days. He would sit about 10 feet away from us and stare. He's over it now, but we'll see what happens when we leave again and come home with a child...We have enjoyed seeing our family and friends, and we look forward to them meeting Wesley!
I wonder how Wesley is going to react to us when we return. Damon and I were just talking about how excited we are to be able to spend more than two hours at a time with him! Maybe I won't be as excited when he's crying in the middle of the night, but we'll adjust!
We head out of Ohio on Sunday and arrive in Kiev on Monday. We hope to head from the airport in Kiev to Kharkov, but I am not sure when the flights leave. We have our internet card, so I will update as soon as possible! Please continue to pray for safe travels, the adjustment to the time change, and for our first days as parents!!
Love - Staci and Damon


Kathy and Matt said...

It's great to hear you are catching up on some sleep and your normal routines. Hopefully you'll have a renewed energy when you get back to Kiev. It will be a bit hectic when you pick Wesley up and get all the paperwork needed, but the end will be in sight, so you'll get through it!

Praying for you!

DoveFamily said...

Glad to see an update and find out the latest. I was just thinking about you guys & wondering when you'd be heading back. Not long now, and you'll have Wesley with you forever!!

Mountain Girl said...

Oh, I can't wait to hear about Wesley's trip home and life with his parents! I will be checking your blog frequently!

Chris and Celeste said...

I will be following your blog to find out what needs to be done with Wesley's feeding tube and stretching his esophagus, once he gets home. You will be home again soon as a family. So exciting. God Bless. Celeste

LisaMarie said...

Hooray for almost being done! I can't wait to meet your new son! I'm glad you got to enjoy some time at home to rest. And I'm sure Duke will forgive you when you bring Wesley home...especially once he figures out that it eventually means more food for him thrown on the floor after the surgery. :)

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you have been enjoying the comforts of home until you leave for Kiev again! Your dogs may just surprise you with how well they take to having a kid around :) It may be more of an adjustment for Wesley than the dogs! Can't wait to read about the last leg of your adoption journey! Congrats & good luck!
Susan & Truman

The Dardennes said...

Great to hear an update from you guys! We're praying for you and your travels and time with Wesley! Hang in there! There's light at the end of the tunnel!

MamaPoRuski said...

Enjoy your weekend and trip back, praying that it is quick and uneventful! God Bless!

Valerie said...

Wishing you safe and uneventful travels! I can't wait for you to have Wesley home with you!

Anonymous said...

I have been following your journey, your family is in my prayers, be safe on your return to bring your little son home, what a blessing God has given you.

cheryl from NC

Three Austins said...

Congrats - what a cutie!! We are constantly thinking of you - safe travels!!!!!!
The Austin's

Payne's said...

Hi Guys! We will be in Kiev on Saturday if you are back then give us a call. Our local cell number is on our blog

Glad to see you are enjoying your home...I sooooo miss my bed.


Amy said...

We are praying for a safe journey and happy reunion with little Wesley!


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