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Sunday, August 3, 2008

day 22

We've been visiting our little boy every day. He's becoming more comfortable with us, so we're thankful for that! When we went to visit him today, the workers told us that he was getting ready to go to the hospital to have his feeding tube changed, so we only saw him for about 10 minutes. We'll go back tomorrow, but I don't know if we'll stay for the whole time because we are starting the paperwork to adopt him. We had originally planned to stay here in Ukraine until the end of the 10 day waiting period, but since we've already been here three weeks, we are likely going to go home after court. I hate to spend that much money to fly home for less than two weeks, but I think it would raise our spirits to see our family, friends, and dogs.


We've been doing a little sightseeing here in Kharkov. We even went today and purchased a couple of outfits for him. It took us over an hour to find the stores, but we finally did! Here are a few pictures from our adventures...

the fabulous dinner I cooked

(when I bought the chicken nuggets, I didn't realize we only have a stove - no oven. We also couldn't read the writing on the bag, so the vernikys (sp?) had a sweet cream filling)

this is the only dentist's office I have seen since we've been here (Amber, they could use you!!)

sandcastles in a large square in downtown

I also wanted to tell everyone that we LOVE getting comments! You don't have to have an account to leave any comments, just post anonymously and type your name at the end of your post. Thanks!

Love - Staci and Damon


Mountain Girl said...

I check your blog regularly, waiting to see pictures of your little guy! It sounds like you are having lots of adventures....

Kevin and Tammy said...

We love getting your updates. We can't wait to join you over there. We are leaving here on Friday. We will keep you posted. Watch the blog and you get to keep up with us.
Glad he is doing well. Are you going to try to get the 10 day waiting period waived?


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your visits with your little guy are going well! I can totally understand you wanting to come home. I'm sure the extra money will be well worth it to you both!! Can't wait to hear more about your son!
Susan & Truman

Steve Eimers said...

Who is your regional facilitator?

What orphanage?

MTC has an Internet Cafe near downtown near the Potato House cafeteria that is generally fast.

Is Andre your driver?

Is your apartment near the candy factory?

Six months ago we were there. If you would like to attend the local international church service I can email our friends. It was such a blessing for us to have kind English speaking people to converse with.


Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog for a few months now! We adopted our little angel in 2005 and reading your blog is making me want to go back and do it all again :) I am so happy that you guys have found your son! I can't wait to see pictures of how cute he is. Good luck and keep your spirits up. I know it seems like there is no place like home right now, but trust me...there will be a day that you can't wait to go back. God bless you both!

Christina Warchol (mommy to Olena)

Anonymous said...

Give the little guy a kiss for his
Grandma and Grandpa in Ohio and tell him we can hardly wait to meet him. Keep the faith, you will be home soon with everyone that loves you.
Mom & Dad

The Dardennes said...

Hey guys. We're keeping up with your adventures. Wow! Chicken nuggets! Where's TGIF when you need it? Hang in there! It'll all be worth it in the end!

Mark and Kim said...

YOu are smart to go home for a few weeks - it will raise your spirits to sleep in your own bed, be able to read the street signs and eat some familiar food!! Hang in there -

Kathy and Matt said...

It sounds like you're able to spend a fair amount of time with your little guy and the bonding is happening. That's great.

I laughed when I read about your cooking adventures.We would often buy something then come home to find out we didn't have the proper supplies to cook it, or we picked up the wrong things, etc. Oh well, that's part of the great adventure! LOL!

Hope all continues to go well.

Stefanie said...

Hey guys! Where's Panera when you need it??
Hang in there. Enjoy your time with your little guy. You'll be amazed once you are home and a few months pass. You'll actually miss Ukraine!
Looking forward to getting the kids together and seeing you over Christmas break!
Hugs! Stefanie

Anonymous said...

How exciting! Can't wait to meet the litle guy! Mason and Carson would love a playmate.

Doug and Aysha

Kristin Johnson said...

I just wanted to say CONGRATS! That is so wonderful. You are all in my prayers.

Payne's said...

We've been checking daily...hoping for pictures of your little man and more updates on your adventures. McDonald's chicken nuggets must be beginning to look pretty good!

Keep posting as we love reading and being apart of your journey.


Anonymous said...

I love reading about your adventure, ours has just started,and we hope next summer to be traveling. Enjoy, be safe and lean on God!


DoveFamily said...

So glad things are going well. I certainly can understand coming home after court. I'm sure it will be a great time of refreshing & rejuvenating. Plus you can prepare a little better now that you know your son(room, clothes, last-minute household adjustments), and have everything REALY ready for him when he comes home!

I'm so excited for you guys, and can't wait to see pics of your son!

adoptedthree said...

Hi Staci and Damon

Is it possible to get the 10 days waived since his condition should qualify him as one of those listed on the embassy as special needs?

Coming home would definitely raise your spirits, but you will so miss your little one while you are gone.

I had to laugh about the nuggets. They don't look to bad for stove top cooked.


Conethia and Jim Bob said...

Staci and Damon,

I love checking in on your progress. I am so excited for you guys. I think your baby sounds precious and I can't wait to see his little face.

MamaPoRuski said...

We like reading your blog as much as you like comments! You are lucky the vernyky was sweet cheese! We bought ours with a picture of a cow and got liver! We then went for the pictures of the chicken next...
Coming home will probably do a lot for refreshing you and getting you ready for little guy!
I love the weather map on your blog page BTW!

Dan & Michelle said...

I saw you posted a comment on another blog about the MTC stick. I was at their website recently but wasn't sure I understood, do you have to pay for a subscription AND the stick? did you buy the stick in Kyiv or before you traveled? If youwould email me and let me know I would so GREATLY appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

He is and is going to be one of the most loved little guys in the world! Of course, I guess all parents feel that way about their precious gifts from God. Give him a great big kiss and hug from his favorite Aunt Donna and Uncle D!!

Donna and Dennis

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