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Monday, July 28, 2008

SDA appointment #2

We had our second appointment with SDA officials this afternoon. We have accepted the referral for a little boy in region in eastern Ukraine. He does have a condition that will require surgery, but as to the extent, we are unsure at this point. Damon and I will be leaving Kiev with our translator tomorrow evening and will hopefully get a chance to meet the little boy on Wednesday.
Please continue to pray for us as we ask for God's wisdom in the choices we make for our family. Thank you to everyone who has posted comments and sent emails - we enjoy reading them!!
Love - Staci and Damon
PS I hope everyone likes the new background. I have a lot of time here in Ukraine to mess around with stuff like that! I have also added a few pictures at the bottom, but I haven't typed in descriptions. (maybe later...)


Anonymous said...

If your little guy is in Donetsk, please know that Donetsk is an awesome region! Our little guy came from an orphanage in Donetsk city. The director there was wonderful. The children are loved!

DoveFamily said...

I'm praying that this is your son, and that God will give you a peace about the decisions you must make.

Can't wait to read more about where you're going - if it's Mariupol, Donetsk and you have any questions feel free to email me (dovefamily @, remove the spaces).


PS - I like the new blog style :)

Conethia and Jim Bob said...

Staci and Damon,

I pray that your next meeting will be the "one" meant for you guys!! We have not yet traveled and cannot imagine the anxiety and suspense that you must be feeling. Best of luck.

jennjenn said...

hey guys... we are praying that God will open the right door for you. I can't imagine the anxiety that you are going through. I love the updates and can't wait for you to introduce us to your son!

LisaMarie said...

I like the new background. Let us know if you have questions. We can always call some poor Ukrainian lady again at 2AM and make her mad. LOL! I haven't found our microphone yet, so we can't Skype until I do. :)

Kathy and Matt said...

I'm so glad your appointment went fairly well and you're going to meet this little boy. I'll be praying for you as you travel to the region.

Like the Dove's we also adopted from Mariupol, so if that's where you end up traveling to, feel free to email us as well. (kquinbyjohnson @, remove spaces)

You're new blog design looks geat. Loved seeing all the photos from Kiev!

Anonymous said...

I am exited that you left your appointment with a referral! I know how scary making “The Decision” is!! But, I honestly feel like you could love any child you chose and they will be the RIGHT one. Health issues are always scary, our daughters file said she had an organic nerve disorder and some other issues, this of course was scary for us but we chose to meet her and she was great. Latter our Doctor at home just laughed at the diagnosis! Thank you for all of the updates and pictures, it is so wonderful to share in this amazing journey with you. I wish you clarity and peace of mind. Best of luck!

Kevin and Tammy said...

So glad to hear that you are going on a visit. Hope that all is well when you get there. We are praying for your travels and the meeting. Maybe you will be back in Kiev by the time we get there. We will be there August 11.

Susan & Truman said...

Tru & I are praying for your visit with your little guy! Hoping all goes well on Wednesday and you know that he is meant to be in your family. Please feel free to email any time! How's the weather there this time of year? It's HOT here in our area!!

Vince , Shelly and Maddie said...

Prayers, best of luck and safe travel on the 2nd appointment. We noticed you are from Ohio, so GO BUCKS too!

Kristen said...

I'm here in South Carolina praying for you and for all the families with you right now!
I hope this little boy is the one for you!

Lisa, Chris & Lucas said...

Prayers heading your way!! Hopefully all will go well on Wednesday and that this little boy is your son. I can't wait to read more!

BTW...your new backgroud is fabulous!!

Lisa Bush

Cara & Doug said...

Hi Staci! I live in Ohio and found your blog by chance. We adopted alittle girl In November (07) from Odessa. Her file and first meeting seemed grim, but now that we have been home for 7 months, she has made great strides and is more than I ever thought she could be. Keep in ming that when you meet your little guy, a loving, nurturing fmaiyl can make a world of has to our little angel. I started a
Prayers are with you

Payne's said...

Staci & Damon,

We will keep praying for you. Try to relax; although I am sure it will be difficult. Waiting for the next update.


P.S. Love the new blog background!

MamaPoRuski said...

Praying that God continues to give you peace and wisdom. We are longing (although not as much as you!) to hear this is YOUR child!
God Bless!

The O'Haras said...

I must admit it has been a while since I have been to your blog and I am glad to see that you are finally in country! That God may grant you peace and patience as you continue this journey!

And by the way get Damon to hold the camera every once in a while for those photos of you two ;)

Kendall said...

Staci and Damon,

You will be in my prayers. I hope that everything turns out well with this referral.

Good Luck!


adoptedthree said...

Hi Staci and Damon
I am so excited that you may soon be meeting your little guy!

Drew and Rita said...

I am thinking of you. We hope this will work out. Rita

Anonymous said...

I was out of touch for a few days and when I got home checking your blog was on the top of my to do list! I am really hoping no new post is a good sign! I hope you are in region and happily visiting this little boy! I was reading over my last comment I guess spell check is not always your friend! Maybe it will bring a smile to your face though. I am sticking with the no news is good news view. I am sending lots of good thoughts your way.

Heidi and Felix said...

Praying that he's the one!

Christine said...

So, how did things go?

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