Actually it's from Ohio to Ukraine, back to Ohio, then to China

Sunday, July 20, 2008

another day in Kiev

I don't think it is still jet lag, but we are just not going to sleep at a decent hour. I do not believe that we have gone to sleep before 12:30a since we've been here, but then I don't wake up until around 10a. This might seem late, but since it's only 3:00a at home, I consider it quite early!
We met up with our friends Vicki and Rodney yesterday, and they took us to a great upscale cafe where we had wonderful food and dessert!! Here's what Damon and I had for dessert:

Since people like pictures, here are a few from our walks about town.

Us in front of the Kiev Opera House.

"Snowboarding" on the steps of the Opera House (No, I don't understand it either!)

LOTS of men playing chess in the park.

Independence Square in Kiev.

The kitchen at our new apartment.
The bedroom at our apartment.

The living room in our apartment.

Us in front of flowers on the street. Our friends in front of the Opera House.


Missy said...

If deserts look like that in Ukraine, I think I would just live on sweets. :) Praying for your second appointment to go well and for you to find your little one.

Missy said...

oops, didn't spell desserts right. Must have been all my drooling.

adoptedthree said...

Your apartment looks pretty decent.

It is always a blessing to have another family to spend time with.

Might as well enjoy sleeping until whenever, because when the little one is finally with you, the sleeping in days will definitely dwindle :)

Leanna (and all)

LisaMarie said...

I'm so glad you posted updates! Of course, I check every day UNTIL the weekend when you post TWICE! :)

Great pictures to document your trip. I still can't believe you guys are over there! I'll send an email later.


Chris and Celeste said...

We are praying for you guys that you find your son and are enjoying seeing Ukraine through your eyes. His room is soo cute. Saw you found our is a work in progress, thanx for leaving a comment:)
As you know we were looking at Ukraine and when we changed countries is was very hard for me, as I had pictured our son from there and had been researching Ukraine customs etc. So I still read blogs from the Ukraine,it is hard to let go:) God Bless, Celeste

Payne's said...

WOW, your apartment looks nice! And those desserts so heavenly!
How's the second appointment coming along, any new news? How aare you two doing? It's great to see you have another family there you can spend some time with.

All is well here...we are preparing Ella's room with more diligence now. Won't be long.


DoveFamily said...

Praying that you get some good news soon!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for you guys! I keep your blog open and refresh it everyday, hoping to see a new post! I just hope its soon that we hear you've finally found your son! Enjoy your time over won't be getting much rest when you come home :-)

Thinking of you and PRAYING for you!!

Emily Richley

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