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Sunday, August 5, 2007

no news

I haven't posted in a while, but there hasn't really been anything to report. We are waiting for our dossier to be submitted, and I have begun to accet the fact that it will probably be next year before we can travel. We have started getting his room ready though, so I'll post pictures when we get a bed. (I have been having trouble making a decision!) We have already received the bedding though, and it is adorable!! The theme of the room is...DOGS! We love dogs, so we figured, why not? I just hope that our son isn't afraid of dogs...

We found out recently that the trip to Ukraine will probably take a couple weeks longer than originally thought. The issuance of a Ukrainian passport for our son will take an additional ten business days!!!! This is in addition to the required ten day wait after the adoption has been finalized!!

Dealing with the uncertainty in adoption is the hardest part! We don't know when we'll be traveling, how long we will be gone, how our employers are going to react to us being gone, how the dogs will react to us being gone and coming home with a child, how we will adjust to being parents, on and on...Now I am starting to stress myself out!!

Here is a picture of my high school girlfriends...actually I shouldn't say that they are my high school girlfriends because they are still some of the best friends a girl could ever have!!


Mark and Courtney said...

Hi Staci! I saw your comment on our blog and followed you to yours! :) Maybe we'll be submitted and travel around the same time--it's always good to be able to meet up with other PAPs when in Ukraine.
Oh, and one thing to ease your mind (LOL)--USCIS recently passed a resolution? law? stating that you get one free renewal of your 171H if it expires and you haven't completed your adoption yet. You'll still have to redo the fingerprints, but it saves a ton of money (and time) to not have to resubmit the I600A. Thought you might like to know! :)

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