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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

happy 4th of july (almost)

It's almost Independence Day here in the United States, so we'll be going to see fireworks at our friend's house. Never fear - we aren't setting them off, but we are watching local fireworks from their house!! I don't want to be near anyone setting off fireworks!!!

Check out this video about Russian orphanages doing "portage" with disabled children. (I would describe portage is one-on-one therapy) From what I have seen of Ukrainian orphanages, I believe they are similar to Russian orphanages. It makes me want to go to Ukraine RIGHT NOW and get our son!! I am learning to be patient (even though I prefer not to learn :)

Onto a completely different subject...
We had a great time on Sunday at a family cookout. My grandparents were in town, so we all got together. I always wonder why we don't get together more often when almost all of us live within a half hour of each other!!

The reason that I included this picture of Damon is because he's always making that face at me - it means "you have NO idea what you're talking about!" And sometimes I do know :)

The cute little dog is my parent's Yorkshire Terrier "Punkin". Can you believe that she's 10 years old? Speaking of my little "Punkin Pie," here's a picture of her partying when we were on would think that my parents had taught her to behave better than that. I guess that makes me the good sister :)


adoptedthree said...

wow 3k for the garage sale that is FANTASTIC!!!! Hope punkin didnt have to big of a hang over after all of the fun!!

Give me a call so we can get together!


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