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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy 5th birthday, Wesley

Wesley turned 5 today! 

We had a little swimming party at the YMCA and a family party before that. Talk about a long day!! Mom & Dad are exhausted, but so is Wes, so it works out. I haven't uploaded all our pictures yet, but I will soon. {Now I know I always say that, but I'm having my tonsils out in two weeks, so I'm serious when I say I'll have some free time. How I'll feel is another story...} 

Please pray for Wes as he's been having a difficult time at school, which so far ranks as the understatement of the year. We're working hard to get answers and find out solutions that work for all parties involved. Please pray for me as work has been rough {another understatement}, and please pray for Damon as he's been working very hard to eat better and has been losing weight like a fiend. And of course the ol' stand-by prayer - for our daughter in Moldova. We haven't given up hope that this year is our year to bring her home!! 


Anonymous said...

Wow! Happy Birthday! I still remember your adoption journey! So blessed to be following other's journeys along with ours. Blessings on all of you today!

Mandy said...

Happy Birthday! Your blog is one of the few that I check in on anymore but remember we adopted our Alex about the same time :) Praying you get your daughter home soon!

Maria Camila Tobar Castro said...

por favor mira mi blog es :)

Maria Camila Tobar Castro said...

por favor mira mi blog es :)

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