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Saturday, April 2, 2011

we're still here

It's been a month since I've written anything, but we're still here. I had the cast on my ankle for three and a half weeks. When the cast came off (after what felt like FOREVER), my ankle started to swell. And swell. And swell. Then came the pain...x-rays show that the break has healed, so it looks like something else is going on. Boo. I have a CT scan Monday morning, so hopefully it shows what is wrong with my ankle. I would like to wear cute shoes again, not just comfortable shoes!!

All our paperwork has been sent to Moldova! It is being translated, then the real fun begins - or not. Reminds me of the song "the waiting is the hardest part, every day you get one more yard, you take it on faith, you take it to the heart, the waiting is the hardest part." (Bet you didn't expect me bust out Tom Petty this morning did you?) Now I'll have that chorus stuck in my head all day.

Damon still loves his new job. Wesley is ready for summer. He desperately needs to get out of the house to wear himself out!! He and Damon have gone out a few evenings and played golf in the backyard, even though it was cold. I watched from inside.

I haven't been taking too many photos. It isn't easy to take pictures when you're hobbling around on crutches. We also didn't do much because I couldn't walk very far.

here's Katie Katherine snuggling with me

Katie loves Damon the most though!

the one time it snowed when I was on crutches
(thankfully it wasn't too much snow)

We went to breakfast at the Golden Nugget in Dayton. I haven't been to this restaurant in YEARS, but it was a great breakfast (or lunch as I had, see below).

one word...genius!!

Once I got my cast off, I've been crazy-domestic. I've cleaned like a crazy person, made crafts, cooked dinner A LOT. Here's a wreath I made from book pages. I've made more than one of these, but I haven't taken a picture of the second one.

Is anyone else ready for warm weather? I can't stand being stuck in the house much longer!!


Chris and Celeste said...

those wreaths are awesome. I want to try and make one. Keep us posted about your ankle. I am ready for summer to!

The Espinosa Family said...

Hi there! My husband and I are trying to adopt from Moldova, too. I'm guessing you got your dossier in before the new regulations changed? We're still waiting for our packet of stuff to get back to us with all the apostilles, so it looks like we'll be on hold until our agency finds out all the new details. The waiting is the worst part, you are right about that. This will be our first child, so the anticipation is killing us!! -Sarah

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