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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Before I start this post, I would just like to say...GO BENGALS!! As a serious football fan (especially the Cincinnati Bengals and the Ohio State Buckeyes), today officially marks my favorite season of the year!  I love to spend Sunday afternoons napping and watching football. I'm excited just thinking about it.

Why is that I write these whitty blog posts in my head, then when I actually sit down to write, I have nothing to say? Since I can't come up with much to say, I'll just post a few pictures for your enjoyment.

"washing" his foot in the hose adding water to the pool

swimming by himself (with a vest, of course)

I'm a little confused why his body is curved like that...

Wes LOVES jumping in and going under!

This was before Wes would swim by himself. If Damon had tried to pry Wesley's arms off, Wes would have screamed and cried. He's come a long way in the last two weeks.

This picture was before Wes figured out that he didn't have to jump into our arms

BIG splash for such a small guy!!

Does he love swimming or what?

As you can see, we've been spending a lot of time at our local pool. I hate to think that it's going to be closed for winter in just a few weeks!


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