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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"How it going" as Wesley would say

I haven't written much, but that is because our lives are pretty boring and I don't have anything exciting to say (even now as I type). So we'll see what I can come up with...

Wesley is continuing to eat better. We actually haven't given him anything in his g-tube in a few weeks. We went to the surgeon the other day, so we got to talk about taking it out!! Now I've said this before but taking it out does scare me. Not so much for the actual repair being done, but after the repair our "safety net" is gone! He will HAVE to eat enough in his mouth to maintain his weight. This is happening now, but it's comforting to know that if we had to, we could use the g-tube. It looks like it might be removed in July as long as he continues to maintain and gain weight appropriately.

Work is going okay for me right now. The stress is just weighing on me. Some good news though is that the doctor cleared me to work out again :) Back to getting up for those crazy-early 5am workouts!

Please pray for my Grandpa. The cancer is really wearing down his body, so please pray for strength. Tomorrow is Grandpa's birthday...


Please also pray for baby Mya. Our friends daughter was born four weeks ago with hypoplastic right ventricle syndrome. What this means is that one side of her heart didn't form correctly. The surgeons were unable to repair the heart six days after birth, so now she is in cardiac intensive care and waiting for a transplant. I spent the afternoon with her today, and it was so hard to leave her there. Mya has a brother Logan who is close in age to Wes, so the parents are trying to split their time between the two. Please keep them in your prayers as well because I can only imagine how emotionally and physically draining this whole thing is on them.

Here are a few Easter pictures.
(Notice how difficult it is to get a decent picture of Wesley)
If one pair of glasses is good, then three must be better!

I think he may have learned his self-assertiveness (aka bossiness) from his Mom...

glasses on his head (just like Mommy does)

a family picture
(Wes doesn't have sunglasses on, but they were in my left hand)

and another

Wesley with Doda and Pawpaw

and another

blowing bubbles (and eating the wand too) 

another picture with the glasses on


The Rogersuz said...

such an adorable family! Love the pictures. Amaya got the same Easter basket too:) Wesley is getting so big!

Heidi and Felix said...

Beautiful boy! We were blessed to have your facilitator for our first adoption back in 2008. She told us a lot about your wonderful story and love for Wesley. Glad it's all working out OK!


Drew and Rita said...

You will forget about the g-tube after it is removed, and July is still along way away. My mother had one, so we are intimately familiar with them. I"m glad to see Wesley doing so well. Rita

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